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Allege v.
to claim
Arrant adj.
badinage n.
light and playful conversation
conciliate v.
win over
countermand v.
to cancel or reverse a command with another.
echelon n.
a level; one a series of grades in an orgz.
exacerbate v.
to make more violent or painful
to worsen
fatuous adj.
stupid or foolish in a self-satisfied way
irrefutable adj.
impossible to disprove
juggernaut n.
a massive force that crushes anything in its path
lackadaisical adj.
lacking spirit or interest; half-hearted
litany n.
A prayer; long list; chant
syn. catalog
macabre adj.
gruesome; horrible; death subject
paucity n.
lack; an inadequate quantity
portend v.
to indicate before hand; to give advanced warning; suggest
raze v.
to tear down or destroy; to cut or scrape off or out
recant v.
to withdraw a statement or belief to which one has previously been commited
saturate v.
to soak through; fill; satisfy fully
saturine adj.
cold or sluggish in mood; gloomy
slough v./n.
to cast off; discard;to plod through as if through mud;
n. a state of depression