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pos - adj.
def - not producing the desired results
syn - useless, vain, unproductive, futile
ant - productive, effective,having results
accent - 'fruit less

pos - adj.
def - arousing argument, dispute, or disagreement
syn - disputed, arguable, debatable
ant - not likely to cause a fuss
accent - con tro 'ver sial

pos - adj
def - full of life and vigor; courageous
syn - lively, animated; courageous, gallant
ant - lifeless, dull, lackluster
accent - 'spir i ted

pos - adj.
def - unfriendly; unfavorable; warlike, agressive
syn - warlike, agressive; unfriendly
ant - friendly, cordial; peaceful
accent - 'hos tile

pos - noun
def - a joining together for some common purpose
syn - a pact, league, coalition
ant - a parting of the ways, rift, split
accent - a 'lli ance

pos - adj
def - soaked with liquid or moisture; expressionless, dull; spiritless, listless
syn - drenched, waterlogged, saturated
ant - parched, arid, dry as a bone
accent - 'sodd en

pos - verb
def - to discourage
syn - to discourage, dismay
ant - to encourage, raise one's spirits
accent - dis 'heart en
pos - adj.
def - in agreement with establishedor generally accepted beliefs or ways of doing things
syn - traditional, standard, customary
ant - unusual,unconventional, heretical
accent - 'or tho dox

pos - verb
def - to give or cause something unpleaasent, impose
syn - to deal out, visit upon, impose
ant - to suffer, undergo, sustain
accent - in 'flict

pos - verb
def - to obtain through special effort; to bring abuot
syn - to obtain, gain, acquire; to achieve
ant - to fail to obtain, come away empty handed
accent - pro 'cure

pos - verb
def - to puzzle completely, confuse
syn - to confuse, baffle, perplex
ant -to set straight enlighten
accent - be 'wil der

pos - verb
def - to run quickly, scamper, hurry
syn - to rush, dash, scamper, scramble
ant - to trudge, plod, creep, crawl
accent - 'scurr y

pos - noun
def - a clown; a coarse, stupid person
syn - a jester, clown, "wise guy"
ant - someone who is serious and dignified
accent - bu 'ffoon

pos - adj
def - disobedient, willful; unpredictable, capricious
syn - disobedient, perverse, unpredictable
ant - docile, well-behaved; predictable
accent - 'way ward

pos - adj
def - having a certain force or effect in fact but not in name; so close as to be equivalent to the real thing
syn - functioning as, equivalent to
ant - none
accent - 'vir tu al

pos - adj, noun & verb
def - completely empty; having no legal force or effect; empty or unfilled space; to cancel or nullify
syn - invalid; empty, vacant, bare; to cancel
ant - in effect; teeming with; to confirm
accent - void
pos - verb
def - to hurt someone's feelings deeply; to cause embarrassment or humiliation; to subdue or discipline by self-denial or suffering
syn - to humiliate, embarrass, abash
ant - none
accent - 'mort i fy

pos - verb, noun
def - to draw back suddenly, as though in pain or fear; the act of drawing back in this way
syn - to flinch, shudder, recoil
ant - not to bat an eyelid at
accent - wince

pos - adj.
def - easily set on fire; easily angered or aroused
syn - combustible,easily ignited; exitable
ant - fireproof, fire-resistant; calm
accent - in 'flamm a ble

pos - adj.
def - deadly, extremely harmful, evil; spiteful, malicious
syn - deadly, lethal; wicked, malicious
ant - wholesome, benificial benign
accent - ma 'lignant