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pos - adjective
def - one of a kind; unequaled; usual; found only in a given class, place or situation
syn - unparalleled, distinctive, singular
ant - ordinary, commonplace, run-of-the-mill
accent - u 'nique

pos - adj & participle
def - full of life, lively, alive; move to action
syn - lively, energetic, vigorous
ant - dull, lifeless, dead, flat
accent - 'an i mat ed

pos - verb & noun
def - to burn slightly; a burn at the ends or edges
syn - to scorch, char, sear
ant - to burn to a crisp, incinerate
accent - singe

pos - noun; verb
def - a family of young animals, especially birds; any group having the same nature and origin; to think over in a worried, unhappy way
syn - to ponder, meditate; to worry, agonize
ant - none
accent - brood

pos -verb & noun
def - to drive or urge on; something used to drive or urge on
syn -to prod, urge, spur on, incite
ant -to curb, check, restrain
accent - goad

pos - noun & verb
def - a loafer, idler; a buzzing or humming sound; a remote-control device; a male bee; to make a buzzing sound; to speak in a dull tone of voice
syn - a loafer; to hum, buzz, purr
ant - a hard worker, workaholic
accent - drone

pos - adverb & adjective
def - thoroughly; absolute, complete; frank, blunt
syn - total, out-and-out, unqualified
ant - none
accent - 'down right

pos - verb
def - to reach a high point of development; to end, climax
syn - to end, conclude, terminate, climax
ant - to begin, initiate, kick-off, commmence
accent - 'cul mi nate

pos - verb
def - to boil or foam; to be excited or disturbed
syn - to boil, churn, foam
ant - to be calm and placid
accent - seethe

pos -verb
def - to gve in to a wish or desire, give oneself up to
syn - to oblige ,humor; to coddle, pamper
ant - to deny, refuse
accent - in 'dulge

pos - noun
def -one of the materials in a mixture, recipe, or formula
syn - an element, component, constituent, factor
ant - none
accent - in 'gre di ent

pos - adjective
def - able to read and write; showing an excellent educational background; having knowledge or training
syn - educated, trained, able to read and write
ant - unlettered, unschooled, ignorant
accent - 'lit e rate

pos - verb & noun
def - to come into view; to appear in exaggerated form; a machine for weaving
syn - to emerge, surface, appear, hover, tower
ant - none
accent - loom

pos - verb
def - to have a strong and earnest desire for
syn - to crave, long for, desire, want
ant - to have no desire for
accent - yearn

pos - noun
def - the quality of giving off light, brightness, glitter, brilliance
syn - gloss, sheen, brilliance
ant - tarnish, dullness
accent - 'lus ter

pos - adjective
def - mixed, of different kinds
syn - varied, assorted, motley
ant - identical, uniform, homogenous
accent - misc e 'lla ne ous

pos - adjective
def - cross, complaining, irritable; contrary
syn - crabby, cranky, testy; stubborn
ant - agreeable, amiable, even-tempered, pleasant
accent - 'pee vish

pos - noun
def - a public speech for a formal occasion
syn - a formal speech or address, harangue
ant - none
accent - o 'ra tion

pos - verb
def - to establish the truth or accuracy of, confirm
syn - to proove, confirm, validate, substantiate
ant - to disprove, refute, discredit
accent - 'ver i fy

pos - adjective & adverb
def - vertical, straight; good, honest; in a vertical position
syn - perpendicular, vertical; honest, virtuous
ant - horizontal, prone; dishonest, corrupt
accent - 'up right