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To abstain from; relinquish: unwilling to forgo dessert
1) An advance token or warning.
2)A slight taste or sample in anticipation of something to come.
To tell of or indicate beforehand; predict
1) To bring up; nurture: bear and foster offspring. See Synonyms at nurture.
2) To promote the growth and development of; cultivate: detect and foster artistic talent. See Synonyms at advance.
3) To nurse; cherish: foster a secret hope.
1) a.Of or relating to brothers: a close fraternal tie.
b. Showing comradeship; brotherly.
2) Of or constituting a fraternity: a fraternal association.
3) Biology. Of, relating to, or being a twin developed from two separately fertilized ova; dizygotic.
1) Engaging in fraud; deceitful.
2) Characterized by, constituting, or gained by fraud: fraudulent business practices
1) Filled with a specified element or elements; charged: an incident fraught with danger; an evening fraught with high drama.
2) Marked by or causing distress; emotional: “an account of a fraught mother-daughter relationship” (Francesca Simon).
1) Producing no fruit.
2) Unproductive of success: a fruitless search. See Synonyms at futile
1) A cord of readily combustible material that is lighted at one end to carry a flame along its length to detonate an explosive at the other end.
2) often fuze A mechanical or electrical mechanism used to detonate an explosive charge or device such as a bomb or grenade: “A mechanical... switch is used to initiate the fuzes” (International Defense Review).
1) Nobility of spirit or action; courage.
2) Chivalrous attention toward women; courtliness: “the air of faintly mocking gallantry with which he habitually treated mother” (Louis Auchincloss).
3) The act or an instance of gallant speech or behavior.
4) Archaic.A bold or stylish appearance.
Showy in a tasteless or vulgar way.
1) Thin and bony; angular. See Synonyms at lean2.
2) Emaciated and haggard; drawn.
3) Bleak and desolate; barren.
Of or relating to the chin.
1) Relating to or suggestive of a giant.
2) a.Exceedingly large of its kind: a gigantic toadstool.
b.Very large or extensive: a gigantic corporation. See Synonyms at enormous.
1) A momentary flash of light; a sparkle.
2) A faint or fleeting indication; a trace.