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An angle of a triangle
I have a sharp pain in my chest.
To make suitable to or fit for a specific use or situation.
i dont know if this shirt will fit me in this situatuion.
Very skilled.
i am very good at my job
To suspend until a later stated time.
the jugde adjourned the court hearing.
An opponent; an enemy.
The U.S a lot of adversary they are fighting.
Worthy of being recommended or suggested; prudent.
a very skilled person is an advisable.
To offer advice to; counsel.

To recommend; suggest
i advised them not to do that.
To declare positively or firmly; maintain to be true.
To support or uphold the validity of; confirm.
i am an affirm person
The act of initiating hostilities or invasion.
The practice or habit of launching attacks.
Hostile or destructive behavior or actions.
the us has an aggression with irag.
An assumed name
i have alias
Loyalty or the obligation of loyalty, as to a nation, sovereign, or cause.
i am very loyal
A close association of nations or other groups, formed to advance common interests or causes: an alliance of labor unions opposing the bill.
A formal agreement establishing such an association, especially an international treaty of friendship.
A connection based on kinship, marriage, or common interest; a bond or tie: the shifting alliances within a large family.
Close similarity in nature or type; affinity: the ancient alliance between mathematics and music.
The act of becoming allied or the condition of being allied: the church, acting in alliance with community groups.
there are a lot of alliance groups.
To let do or happen; permit: We allow smoking only in restricted areas.
To permit the presence of: No pets are allowed inside.
To permit to have: allow oneself a little treat.
To make provision for; assign: The schedule allows time for a coffee break.
To plan for in case of need: allow two inches in the fabric for shrinkage.
To grant as a discount or in exchange: allowed me 20 dollars on my old typewriter.
Chiefly Southern & Midland U.S.
To admit; concede: I allowed he was right.
To think; suppose: “We allow he's straight” (American Speech).
To assert; declare: Mother allowed that we'd better come in for dinner.
i allowed him to do it.
To place in a friendly association, as by treaty: Italy allied itself with Germany during World War II.
To unite or connect in a personal relationship, as in friendship or marriage.
there are a lot of allies in this world.
To change for the better; improve: amended the earlier proposal so as to make it more comprehensive.
To remove the faults or errors in; correct. See Synonyms at correct.
To alter (a legislative measure, for example) formally by adding, deleting, or rephrasing.
To enrich (soil), especially by mixing in organic matter or sand.
i amended him.