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n. assumed name
adv. otherwise called, otherwise known as
clandestine adj.
carried on in secrecy and concealment; secret; covert; underhand; undercover
enigma n.
puzzling statement; riddle; mystery; puzzling problem or person
enigmatic adj.
mysterious; puzzling; obscure
latent adj.
present but not showing itself; hidden but capable of being brough to light; dormant; potential
lurk v.
1. be hidden; lie in ambush
2. move stealthily; sneak; slink
seclude v.
shut up apart from others; confine in a place hard to reach; hide; cloister; secquester
stealthy adj.
secret in action or character; catlike; sly; furtive
apprise, v.
infrm; notify; advise
avowal, n.
open acknowledgment; frank declaration; admission; confession
divulge v.
make public; disclose; reveal; tell
elicit v.
draw forth; bring out; evoke; extract
enlighten v.
shed the light of truth and knowledge upon; free from ignorance; inform; instruct
manifest v.
show; reveal; display; evidence
overt adj.
open to view; not covert or hidden; public; manifest
accede v.
agree; assent; consent; ascquiesce
accord n.
agreement; harmony
compact n.
agreement; understanding; accord; covenant
compatible adj.
able to exist together harmoniously; in harmony; agreeable; congenial
compromise n.
settlement reached by a partial yielding on both sides
conform v.
be in agreement or harmony with; act in accordance with accepted standards or customs; comply; obey
consistent, adj.
keeping to the same principles throughout; showing no contradiction; in accord; compatible; consonant
correspond v.
be in harmony; match; fit;agree; be similar
dovetail v.
to fit together with, so as to form a harmonious whole; interlock with
reconcile v.
cause to be friendly againl bring back to harmony
relent v.
become less harsh, severe, or strict, soften in temper, yield
altercation n.
noisy, angry dispute; quarrel; wrangle
antagonize v.
make an enemy of ; arouse the hostility of
cleavage n.
split; division; schism; chasm
discord n.
disagreement; dissension; strife
discrepancy n.
difference; disagreement; variation; inconsistency
dissent v.
differ in opinion; disagree; object
embroil v.
draw into a conflict
estrange v.
turn (someone) from affection to dislike or enmity; make unfriendly; separate; alienate
friction n.
conflict of ideas between persons or parties of opposing views; disagreement
irreconcilable adj.
unable to be brought into friendly accord or understanding; hostile beyond the possibilty of reconciliation; not reconcilable; incompatible
litigation n.
lawsuit, act or process of carrying on a lawsuit
at variance
in disagreement, at odds
wrangle v.
quarrel noisily; disput angrily; brawl; bicker
condiment n.
something such as pepper or spices addes to or served with food to enhane its flavor, seasoning
devour v.
eat up greedily; feast upon like an animal or a glutton; dispatch
edible adj.
fit for human consumption; eatable; comestible; nonpoisonous
glutton n.
1. greedy eater; person in the habit of eating too much
2. person with a great capacity for enduring or doing soemthing
luscious adj.
delicious; juicy and sweet; delectable
palatable adj.
agreeable to the taste; pleasing; savory
slake v.
with reference to thirst bring to an end through regreshing drink; satisfy; quench
succulent adj.
full of juice; juicy
voracious adj.
having a huge appetite; greedy in eating; gluttonous; ravenous