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Legislative Branch -what does it do -what's it made up of
-makes laws
-made up of COngress
Exectuative Branch -what does it do -what's it made up of
-enforces/carries out laws
-made up of President and Cabnit
Judical Branch- what does it do -what's it made up of
-explain/interprets laws
-made up of Sepreme Court and Ferderal Courts
The Great Compromise
-solution to the conflict over the stucture of the Legislative Branch
-agreed Congress would have 2 parts
The Three-Fifths Plan
-solution to the conflict over the slave states and the free states
-where 3/5 of slaves would be counted as population and for owners to pay taxes on
define ratify
define federalists
people who wanted the Constitution approved
define anti-federalists
people who were against the Constitution b/c they wanted the state government to be stonger then the central government
define federalist papers
documents to get the Constitution approved
House of Representatives
one part of Congress
one part of Congress
George Washington
-Chairmen of the Convention
-a federalist
Ben Franklin
-settled diputes
-Peacemaker of the Convention
-a federalist
James Madison
-Father of the Constitution
-knew alot about government
-took notes about everything that happened
-a federalist
Alexander Hamilton
a federalist
qualification to run for house of reps
-at least 25
-us citizen for 7 years
-resident of district they are running for
leader of house called...
speaker of house
Dennis Hastert
current speaker
special powers for the house
-start charges of impeachement
-start tax bills
-choose president if electorial college can't
Mike Ferguson
our representative in the house
act like prosecouter
one part of congress
qualifications for sentate
-at least 30
-us citizen for 9 years
-resudent of state
leader of the senate called...
president of the senate
vice president is...
president of the senate
special powers of the senate
-elects vp if electorial college can't
-serves as jury for impeachment trials
-approve of president's job choices
-use a filibuster
unlimited debate (stall vote)
Jon Corzine
our senator
Frank Lautenberg
our senator
formula for election day
1st tuesday after the 1st monday in november