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Accretion (uh kree shuhn)
(N) a growth in size: an increase in amount.
S: Buildup; accumulation
A: Erosion: wearing away

S- The committee's strong fund-raising efforts resulted in an accretion in scholarship money.
Acme (aak mee)
(N) the highest level or degree attainable.
S: Apex: peak, summit
A Nadir: rock bottom

S- Just when he reached the acme of his power, the dictator was overthrown.
Actuate (aak choo ayt)
(V) to put into motion, to activate; to motivate or influence to activity.
S: Incite; intigate
A: Quell; repress

S: The leaders rousing speech actuated the crowd into a peaceful protest.
Beget (bih geht)
(V) to produce, especially as an effect or outgrowth; to bring about.
S: Cause; breed
A: N/A

S- The mayor believed that finding petty offenders would help reduce serious crime because, he argued, small crimes beget big crimes.
Berate (bih rayt)
(V) to scold harshly
S: Criticize; scold
A: Praise; commend

S- When my manager found out I had handled the situation insensitively, he berated me.
Cede (seed)
(V) to surrender possession of something.
S: Resign; yield;relinquish
A; Acquire; obtain

S- Argentina ceded the Falkland Islands to Britain after a brief war.
Celerity (seh leh rih tee)
(N) speed, haste

S: Swiftness; briskness
A: Slowness; sluggishness

S- The celebrity ran past his fans with great celerity.
Deride (dih ried)
(V) to laugh at contemptuously; to make fun of.
S: Ridicule
A: Approve

S- As soon as George heard the others deriding Anthony, he came to his defense.
Disinterested (dis ihn rih stihd)
(Ddj) fair-minded, unbiased
S: Impartial; unprejudiced
A: Biased, prejudiced
Facile (faa suhl)
(ADJ) easily accomplished; seeming to lack sincerity or depth; arrived at without due effort.
S: Effortless; superficial
A: Strenuous

S-Given the complexity of the problem, it seemed a rather facile solution.
Inter (ihn tuhr)
to bury
S: Entomb
Ant: Exhume
S-After giving the masses one last chance to pay their respect, the leader's body was interred.
Libertine (lihb uhr teen)
(N) a free thinker, usually used disparagingly; one without moral restraint.
A: Hedonist
A: N/A
Lithe (lieth)
(ADJ): moving and bending with ease; marked by effortless grace.
S: Flexible; limber
A: Stiff; rigid
S-The dancer's lithe movements proved her to be a rising star in the ballet corps.
Opportunist (ahp uhr too nihst)
(N) one who takes advantage of any opportunity to achieve and end, with little regard for principles.
S: User; self-server
A: N/A
S- The opportunist wasted no time in stealing the idea and presenting it as his own.
Reactionary (ree aak shuhn ayr ee)
(ADJ) marked by extreme conservatism, especially in politics.
S: Ultraconservative; right-wing; orthodox
A: Unorthodox; unconventional
S- The former radial hippie had turned into quite a reactionary, and the press tried to expose her as a hypocrite.