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(adjective) of a gentle disposition; showing kindness and gentleness; gracious
The benign girl spent her all of her Saturdays at the soup kitchen.
(noun) sincere affection and kindness
Sentence: The cordiality of the two girls made them inseparable.
(verb) to cut off or disjoin the limbs, members, or parts of
Sentence: The boy dismembered the spider with scissors.
:(noun) education; instruction
Sentence: The edification of African Americans after the civil war was far less than the edification of Whites.
(verb) to take place afterward or as a result
Sentence: My first period was Spanish and ensuing that was P.E.
verb) to open the mouth wide; to gaze stupidly or in openmouthed surprise or wonder (noun) an unfilled space or extent
Sentence: When the child walked into the huge candy store his mouth gaped.
:(adjective) given to examination or investigation; inclined to ask questions
Sentence: The students were inquisitive about the artifacts found in the park.
(noun) an Asian leguminous vine that is used for forage and erosion control and is often a serious weed in the southeastern U.S
Sentence: They planted multiple kudzus on the hillside.
(adjective) evil in nature, influence, or effect; cancerous
The malignant tumor spread through the baby’s body.
:(adjective) serenely free of interruption or disturbance; carefree
Sentence: The class was not placid when they found out they had a huge exam the next morning.
:(noun) distinguished bravery
Sentence: The soldier’s medal proved his prowess during the war.
:(adjective) appearing ready to collapse
Sentence: The old ramshackle building is going to be torn down tomorrow
:(adjective) appearing stiff and inflexible
Sentence: The singer on American Idol was rigid while performing but sang very well.
:(verb) a type of arguing where you avoid the main point by bringing up petty details (noun) an evasion of or shift from the point
Sentence: The old woman quibbled over whose cat was the most attractive.
(adjective) expressed or carried on without words or speech; An agreement, or, in this case, a "treaty" that is tacit is one that has been silently agreed upon. Thus, the children know that they can play on Miss Maudie's front lawn even though she never directly told them that it was all right to do so
Sentence: After the two kids had built their forts out of blocks there was a tacit agreement that they would not ruin the other’s fort.