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What are landform regions?
A landform region is a region that has similar landforms throughout.
Why do geographers divide the United States into landform regions?
To better study the land.
What are physical features on the Earth's surface, such as plains, mountains, hills and valleys called?
landform regions
What is a group of connected mountains?
mountain range
What is an area at or near the foot of a mountain?
What mountain range covers much of the eastern United States?
the Appalachian Mountains
What mountain range covers much of the western United States?
the Rocky Mountains
The level of the surface of the oceans (used as starting point in measuring height and depth of landforms)
sea level
A broad area of high, mostly flat land.
a plateau
A low, bowl-shaped land with higher ground all around it.
a basin
What kinds of landforms are found in the Intermountain Region?
basins, mountain ranges, plateaus and canyons
An opening in the Earth through which hot lava, gases, ash, and rocks may pour out.
a volcano
What region extends north from Mexico to Canada and Alaska?
the Pacific Mountains and Valleys region
The height of the land in relation to sea level
connects all points of equal elevation (on an elevation map)
contour line
part of a body of water flowing in a certain direction
a current
the regular rise and fall of an ocean and of the bodies of water connected to it
the tide
What is the main cause of ocean currents?
the Earth's wind patterns
any area of water extending into the land from a larger body of water
an inlet

(the largest of these inlets are called gulfs)