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a small agile African antelope having large ears
A man named Klipspringer was there so often and so long that he became known as "the boarder"--I doubt if he had any other home.
Now he was a sturdy straw-haired man of thirty with a rather hard mouth and a supercilious manner.
unruly, rebellious
His speaking voice, a gruff husky tenor, added to the impression of fractiousness he conveyed.
slowly, listlessly
Slenderly, languidly, their hands set lightly on their hips, the two young women preceded us out onto a rosy-colored porch, open toward the sunset, where four candles flickered on the table in the diminished wind.
extremely hot, glowing
"We've got to beat them down," whispered Daisy, winking ferociously toward the fervent sun.
contentment, self-satisfaction, smugness
There was something pathetic in his concentration, as if his complacency, more acute than of old, was not enough to him any more.
commanding; urgent
As I started my moter Daisy peremptorily called: "Wait!"
near, next
The only building in sight was a small block of yellow brick sitting on the edge of the waste land, a sort of compact Main Street ministering to it, and contiguous to absolutely nothing.
lacking vitality; listless and weak
He was a blond, spiritless man, anaemic, and faintly handsome.
a very thin crepe of silk or silk-like fabric
Her face, above the spotted dress of dark blue crepe-de-chine, contained no facet or gleam of beauty, but there was an immediately perceptible vitality about her as if the nerves of her body were continually smouldering.
arrogance, haughtiness
The intense vitality that had been so remarkable in the garage was converted into impressive hauteur.
containing error; mistaken; wrong
A momentary hush; the orchestra leader varies his rhythm obligingly for her, and there is a burst of chatter as the erroneous news goes around that she is Gilda Gray's understudy from the Follies.
stupid, senseless; empty
A celebrated tenor had sung in Italian, and a notorious contralto had sung in jazz, and between the numbers people were doing "stunts" all over the garden, while happy, vacuous bursts of laughter rose toward the summer sky.
ornate, showy; ruddy (having a healthy color)
I had expected that Mr. Gatsby would be a florid and corpulent person in his middle years.
I had expected that Mr. Gatsby would be a florid and corpulent person in his middle years.
careful about nice points of behavior; very exact, precise
This quality was continually breaking through his punctilious manner in the shape of restlessness.
wicked, evil
And with this doubt, his whole statement fell to peices, and I wondered if there wasn't something a little sinister about him, after all.
with disbelief
With an effort I mananaged to restrain my incredulous laughter.
in a sleepwalking manor
Gatsby took an arm of each of us and moved forward into the restaurant, whereupon Mr. Wolfsheim swallowed a new sentence he was starting and lapsed into a somnambulatory abstraction.
a member of a Presbyterian church
"This is a nice restaurant here," said Mr. Wolfsheim, looking at the Presbyterian nymphs on the ceiling.
to put side by side
The juxtaposition of these two remarks was startling.
"He's quite a character around New York--a denizen of Broadway."