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Charles Townshend
man who erged farmers to grow turnips, which restored exhausted soil
Jethro Tull
man who invented the seed drill to aid farmers
Thomas Newcomen
man who developed a steam engine powered by coal to pump water out of mines
James Watt
man who improved Newcomen's engine
Abraham Darby
man who used coal to smelt iron
a drug that prevents pain during surgery
the process of taking over and fencing public lands
to melt in order to get the pure metal away from its waste matter
John Kay
created the flying shuttle, which enabled weavers to work faster. people soon outpaced the spinners
James Hargreaves
man who solved the outpaced spinners problem by producing the spinning jenny in 1764
Richard Arkwright
man who invented the waterframe, which used water power to speed up spinning even further
George Stephenson
man who developed steam-powered locomotives to pull carriages along iron rails
wealth to invest in enterprises such as shipping, mines, railroads, and factories
place that brought together workers and machines to proudce large quantities of goods
privately built roads that charged a fee to travelers who used them
rioters who smashed machines and burned factories because machines were costing them their jobs
John Wesley
man who founed the Methodist Church
a religion formed by John Wesley who was part of the working class
the movement of people to cities
multistory buildings divided into crowded apartments
labor unions
workers' organization