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se de'tendre
faire la sieste
play chess/cards
jouer aux e'checs(aux cartes)
read the newspaper
lire le journal
take a pre-meal drink
faire un ape'ritif
to rest
se reposer
clean the kitchen
faire la cuisine
clean the dishes
faires la vaisselle
prepare a meal
pre'parer un repas
put the dishes away
ranger la vaisselle
clear off the table
de'barrasser la table
to eat lunch
set the table
mettre la table
eat breakfast
prendre le petit de'jouner
cover oneself(head)
se coiffer
to take a sponge bath
se de'barbouiller
to dry oneself off
go pee
fair pipi
to put on makeup
se maquiller
to put on perfume
se parfumer
to comb you hair
se peigner
to take a shower/bath
prendre une douche/bain
to go to bed
se coucher
to rest
se reposer
to wake up
se re'veiller