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incisive (adj)-ly (adv)
incisiveness (n)
impressively direct and decisive (as in a manner or presentation)
acerbic (adj)
using painfully incisive language: mealey-mothed,
2. causitc in tempter, mood, or tone
1. characterized by warmth of feeling typically expressed in eager zealous support or activity. 2. fiery, hot. 3. Shining, glowing
inimical(adj)inimically (adv)
1. Being adverse often by reason of hostility or malevolence. 2. Having the disposition of an enemy:hostile
adroit (adj) adroitly (adv) adroitness (n)
having or showing cleverness, skill, or resourcefullness in handling situations
Pelagian (n)
one agreeing with Pelagius in denying original sin and consequently in holding that individuals have perfect freedom to do either right or wrong
copious (adj)
1. yeilding something abundantly, plentiful in number
2. full of though, information or matter, profuse or exuberant in words, expression or style
enigma (n)
1. an obscure speech or writing
2. something hard to understand or explain
3. an inscutable or mysterious person
prodigious (adj)
exciting amazement or wonder,
2. extraordinary in buld, quantity or degree,:enormous
3. being an omen, resembling or befitting one who has amazing talent
pejorative (adj), pejoratively (adv)
having negative connotations, esp. tending to disparage or belittle: depreciatory
prevaricate (v) prevarication (n)
to deviate from the truth: equivocate
2. to tell a falsehood
appellation (n)
an identifying name or title: designation
2. the act of calling by a name
cumbersome (adj)
burdernsome, troublesome
2. unwieldy becaues of heaviness and bulk, slow-moving, ponderous
bolster (v)
to support with or as if with a reinforcement, to give a boost to
debunk (v)
to expose the sham or falseness, to offer disconfirmation of