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v; to give up formally, as an office, duty, power, or claim. S - resign, renounce, relinquish, divest oneself of. A - retain, hold on to.
v; to encourage or assist, especially in wrongdoing. S - egg on, promote, further, advance, help, aid. A - dissuade, discourage, deter, restrain, curb, inhibit, hinder, block, frustrate, thwart.
v; to regard with horror and loathing to hate intensely. (Attitudes or actions that offend a person's sense of right or wrong.) S - loathe, despise, detest, abominate. A - like, fancy, relish, love, cherish, delight in, be fond of, dote on.
adj; wretched, miserable, degrading, humiliating/mean-spirited, base, despicable, contemptible/complete and unrelieved. S - disheartening, debasing, hopeless, helpless, vile, shameless, ignoble, craven, utter, sheer, downright, thoroughgoing.
v; to clear of guilt or blame. S - acquit, exonerate, exculpate, vindicate. A - incriminate, inculpate, indict, impeach, convict, condemn.
v; to refrain completely and voluntarily. S - forgo, forbear, avoid, shun, eschew. A - indulge (in), partake (of).
adj; pertaining to a college or other institution of learning (scholarly.) Theoretical rather than practical, unrealistic. S - scholastic, speculative.
v; to yield to, agree to/to ener upon an office or dignity. S - agree, assent, consent, concur, acquiesce, comply. A - dissent, demmur, balk at.
v; to get used to (usually and environment or situation.)S - adjust, adapt, orient, orientate, familiarize, accustom, habituate.
n; a habit forming practice or pursuit, usually one that is bad for a person's health ir morally objectionable; habitual use of, or devotion to, something.