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eccentric (adj.)

eccentricity (n.)

because he was rich and powerful his eccentric behavior was ignored.
strange, peculiar, unconvential

(linked to behavior)
Idiosyncrasy (n.)

idiosyncratic (adj.)

His many idiosyncrasies caused him to be labeled as eccentric.
a personal peculairty or eccentricity (strange behavior)

linked to a trait
Ludicrous (adj.)

ludicrously (adverb.)

Some movie plots are so ludicrous that they are completely unbelievable.
ridiculous, absurb, laughable
Frivolous (adj.)

frivolity (n.)

Children often engage in frivolous behavior
silly, trivial, lacking seriousness; of little value or importance
Drivel (n.)

driveler (n.)

driveling (adj.)
the converstation between the teenagers consisted of nothing but drivel.
silly or foolish talk

Glib (adj.)

glibly (adverb.)

the politican's glib comments on the issue did not inspire confidence
too ready, too fluent, too smooth to be sincere or carefully considered (implies shallowness or insincerity)
Pompous (adj.)

pomposity (n.)

pompously (adverb.)

Because of his title and position, he had a tendency to behave pompously.
showy, pretentious, over dignified; acting self important

lethargic (adj.)

lethargically (adverb.)

his lethargy was the result of a long illness
laziness, lack of energy, sluggishness, indifference
Encroach (v.)

encroachment (n.)

The gang encroached upon its rival's territory
to trespass, intrude, or take undue liberties with (usually followed by ON or UPON)
Interloper (n.)

interlope (v.)

interloping (v. or adj.)

We were enraged by the interloper's bold advances.
a meddler or one who intrudes upon the rights or affairs of others
Indignity (n.)

indignation (n.)

hazing rituals often consist of a variety of indignities.
an insult or outrage, or something that offends, humiliates or injures one's dignity or self-respect
Foolhardy (adj.)

his foolhardy attempt to break the record resulted in his untimely death.
rash, foolishly bold, or recklessly daring