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Bas-relief (n)
sculpture whose ornaments or figures are somewhat raised above background
Declivity (n)
downward slope ex: hill

Proclivity (n)
natural inclination/tendency

Leaven (n)
substance like yeast/small amount of fremented dough

lightening/enlivening influence

to provide an enlivening influence
Legerdemain (n)
sleight of hand; magic trick

trickery or deception
Leverage (n)
action of lever that raises or lifts

power to influence/ position of strength
Levitate (v)
to rise or float; cause to rise-despite gravity
Levity (n)
lightness in speech or behaviour, frivolity

Penchant (n)
strong inclination or liking
Ponderous (adj)
exteremly heavy, massive

unweidly or awkward

dull or tedious
Debase (v)
to lower in quality, value or dignity
imponderable (adj)
unable to be assesed or measured percisely
Perponderant (adj)
superior in #, force, power or importance

preponderance-n; preponderate-v
Echelon (n)
a step like formation of troops, ships,or aircraft

a level of command or authority
Transcendent (adj)
going beyond the limits of ordinary

tanscendence-n; transcendental-adj
Incubus (n)
a demon believed to attack sleeping women at night.

nightmare; a haunting, oppressive burden ot thought
Incumbent (n)
a person who holds an office or position

adj-already holding an office or position

required as a duty of obligation

Succumb (v)
to give into a powerful force or desire

to die
Hypochondria (n)
a psychological disorderin which the patient imagines to have an illness.
Hypothesis (n)
a theory or explantion that leads to further proof of disproof

an assumption on which a conclusion or descision can be made.

hypothesize-v; hypothetical-adj.
Cataclysm (n)
a disaster on such a large scale that it permanetly alters some characteristics of earth.
Catapult (n)
acient mechancial device for hurling stones

modern mechanism for launching aircraft from deck of ships

to hurl or launch suddenly; to spring off

Subjective (adj)
concentrating on self expression of feeling or perception

relating to personal opinion

subjectivism-n; subjectivity-n
recumbent (adj)
recling of lying down

recumbence-n; recumbency-n;
Sublimate (v)
to turn aside a coarser, often sexual, impulse in favor of higher moral
suborn (v)
to induce a person in a secert, to commit a misdeed or a crime.

to induce someone to give a false testimony.

Subterfuge (n)
an artifice, device, or evasion to hide/avoid something,
verisimilitude (n)
a thing or quality that appears true/real
Verity (n)
a conditon or quality of being true or accurate.

a belief or principle expressing some basic truth.
aver (v)
to affirm to declare or attest to positvely or dogmatically