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Why are helium ballon buoyant?
because the helium gas in them is lighter than air.
capable of floating /rising
Why didn't Janine go to school?
The heat wave completely enervated her.
to exhaust
Why doesn't anyone like Jack?
because he is such an incorrigible practical joker. He hides frogs in people's beds.
How do you think of Martin?
He is an inexorable person who is nerver give up.
unyielding; relentless
Do you believe the Loch Ness monster?
No. no one has ever come up with irrefutable proof that any such creature exists.
indisputable; impossible to disprove
Do you like the North Shore there?
The shore, once so peaceful and lovely, is now marred by a row of fast-food stands.
How do you like the new working group?
They have very parochial ideas and take little interest in anything happening outside this country.
Mike's partisan comments annoyed me. Do you think so?
But his strong views might make him a real asset to a debating team.
What did happen between suzan and John?
Suzan is out of pique because her boyfriend flirt with other girls at a party.
a sense of injury
What are you doing?
I am reading a satirical article in the newspaper that amused readers.
criticizing through ridicule