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Vocab: Sustainable management
If we use our resources carefully and plan for what we need in the future.
Vocab: Renewable resource
A resource that keeps reproducing itself
Vocab: Precipitation
water droplets or ice crystals in clouds get too large and they fall to the ground
Vocab: Aquifers
rocks with small holes
Vocab: Groundwater
water that falls as precipitation and gets soaked into the ground
Vocab: Water table
the underground area where the water collects
Vocab: watershed
am area pf high land from which precipitation and groundwater flow on both sides.
Vocab: Headwaters
where a river begins
Vocab: Tributaries
as a river flows downhill from one valley to the next, other streams and rivers flow into it.
Vocab: Estuary
When the fresh river water meets the salty ocean water
Vocab: Water flow
getting water where it needs to be.
Vocab: Water Shortages
There isn't enough water.