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a curved architectural member, generally consisting of wedge shaped blocks (voussoirs), which is used to span an opening; it transfers the downward pressure laterally.
Barrel vault or tunnle vault
a series of arches strung together
Groined vault or cross vault
2 barrel vaults crossing each other at 90 degree angles
upper register of windows built into a building to allow light in
series of arches rotated on axis 180 degrees
"eye" in Latin
a big hole in top of dome that lets light into building
Water transportation system
Truth in portraiture
pigment mixed with wax
ancient people used this to paint sculpture and architecture
What is additive?
To add to something to create it
like pottery
What is subtractive?
To take away from something to create like sculpture
What is black figure?
Earliest form of Greek pottery used figures that were painted black
What is red figure?
Figures in Greek pottery became red on black background because it gave greater freedom of movement for the figure
What is Kouros?
Male sculpture (youthful male)
What is Kore?
Female sculpture
What is Peplos?
Heavy woven garment worn by greek women in archaic period
What is a caryatid?
A female figure used as a column
What is contrapposto?
A weight shift in the human body that give the form an S curve depicting the body in a more natural form
What is Naturalism?
Direct observation of nature and an artist attempting to depict it faithfully
What is idealism?
For Greeks Polykleitos invented a canon of proportions to show perfection in the human form
What is Classicism?
Classicism has horizontal and vertical lines, naturalism, monumentality, symmetry and balence, may include idealism
What is Acropolis?
Hill where temples were built.
Who are Apollo, Zeus, and Athena?
Three important greek gods
Who are the Lapiths and the centaurs?
The Lapiths were villagers having a wedding they invited the centaurs who got drunk and raped and carried off all of the women
What type of column is this?
What type of colomn is this?
What type of column is this?
Who was Perikles?
Ruler of Athens during High Classical period.
Who was Phidias?
One of the most famous greek sculpters
Who were Iktinos and Kallikrates?
The Architects that designed the building at the Acropolis