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(adj) (despond, despondence, despondently, desponding)

She was DESPONDENT after she lost the job which she held for twenty-five years

-despariing, "extremely", dejected (personal, emtional,, dejected because rejected) (worst possible emotion)

EX: failing ninth grade, death in the family,
(adj) (morosely, moroseness)

Afther the team lost the game, the atmosphere in the locker room was MOROSE.

-gloomy, glum, sullen (get over it quickly then despondent, CRABBINESS)

(adj) (downcastness)

He was DOWNCAST when he discovered he had failed the exam

-depressed, disprited, dejected (more physical, how they look)

EX: frowning, punching a wall
(adj) (austerely, austerity)

The AUSTERE dorm room lacked all of the luxuries of home.

-severe; morally strict; simple

EX: only having a bed and desk for a room
(noun) (usually plural)

The PRIVATIONS(lack) of the orphanage resulted in a moreose atmosphere.

-hardship or lack; absense of quality

EX: prison room lacking hygiene
(noun) (often "trial and tribulation")

The TRIBULATION he suffered caused him to become despondent

-distress, suffering, trouble, misery (suffer because what you went through)

EX: kidnapped, jesus being crucified
(noun) (misgive, misgivingly)

Jem and Scout had MISGIVINGS about Boo Radley (verb and plural form of noun)

-a feeling of doubt, fear, or suspicion

EX: something acting peculiarly
(verb) (rueful, ruefully)

His father told him he would RUE the day he dropped out of school

-to feel remorse, repentance, or regret

(verb) (usually through fear, shock, or disgust)

The girl RECOILED at the sight of the open coffin.

-to fall draw back; to shrink back

EX: spiders
(adj) (languish, languidly, languor, languishing)

She was LANGUID during her recovery from her operation

-weak, sluggish, dull; lacking vigor or spirit

EX: waking up, school,
(noun) preceeded by "by"

His despondency was the result of a life full of MISCHANCE.

-misfortune, bad luck; an unfortunate accident

EX: homer simpson, michael jackson
(noun) both singular and plural

A MELEE erupted when the doors to the concert hall were locked.

- a confused struggle or fight; confused mingling together
(verb) disconcerting

A fire drill in the middle of a test can DISCONCERT boh students and teachers.

-to "confuse", "disturb", frustrate, up set, embarrass

EX: a loud noise, my brother, phone rings, door slam
(verb) abashment, unabashed

He was ABASHED when he was caught cheating on the test

- to embarass, make ashemed; disconcert

EX: tripping down the stairs
(verb) derangement

our monthly plan once again became DERANGED as a result of the many assemblies

- to disarrange, upset, or throw into confusion (a person being confused or thing)

EX: alien
(verb) harassing, harassment

The stress of a difficult job may cause a person to feel harassed.

-to trouble, worry, annoy, torment; attack repeatedly

EX: sexual harassment