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What is customary and its part of speech?
usual, adjective

It is customary for my father to drink coffee in the morning.
What is entrepreneur and its part of speech?
a person whom starts a buuissness, noun

My mother was an entrepreneur for a long time.
What is regime and its part of speech?`
to rule (an administrater), noun

Is she the regime of the school?
What is indispensable and its part of speech?
absolutly neccesar, adjective

In Antartica, winter clothing is indispensable.
What is poised and its part of speech?
1. balanced (adjective)

The queen of Enland has to be very poised.

2.calm (part.)

I am very poised in some ways.
What is plague and its part of speech?
1. easily spread disease causing deaths (noun)

Cancer is a very dangerous plague.

2. annoying or bother (verb)

Are you plague to a sibling?
What is indifference and it's part of speech
the lack of interest, a noun

She was indifferenced in the movie.
What is unscathed and it's part of speech?
not injured, adjective

Even though she fell on her face, she was unscathed.
What is mutual and its part of speech?
shared, adjective

Jane and myself mutualed a dollar.
What is indignant and its part of speech?
filled with anger, adjective

Ashley was indignant at Mrs. Griesmer for giving alot of homework.