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a medical approach embodying general preventative measures aimed at improving the healthfullness of the enviornment and people's relation to it
preventative medicine
professional misconduct or lack or ordinary skill or care in the performance of a professional act
preventative measures consisting of activities that allow for early detection of a disease even before symptoms become apparent, such as blood pressure screenings, x-ray examinations, blood tests, and Pap smears
secondary prevention
dangerous to health; causing or thretening to cause death
the complete health status record of a patient including personal and family history of disease
medical history
the minimization of consequences caused by a disease so as to prevent further complications or recurrence, including such activities as surgery, chemotherapy, and physical treatment
tertiary prevention
a facility which serves outpatients who need surgical treatment exceeding the capacity of the physicians office but not requiring hospitilization as inpatients
fabricated substitute for a missing part of the body