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VNH.ORG Sickcall Screeners Dermatology
VNH.ORG Sickcall Screeners Dermatology
What layer of the skin provides the major part of the barrier?
What layer of the skin contains blood vessels provides support and nutrition for the epidermis. and is home to nerves, sweat glands, hair follicles and sebaceous glands?
The Dermis
This layer of the skin provides insulation from the cold and injury.
The Subcutaneous Layer
Skin appendages consist of?
Sweat Glands Sebaceous Glands Hair Nails
What is a small (1cm) localized change in the color of the skin is
A small elevated (1cm) soild elevated lesion is
A large papule is?
A temporary edematous elevation usually with erythema is?
Wheal (Uticaria, hives)
Small (1cm) fluid filled lesion (blister) e.g herpes; chicken pox?
A large Vesicle?
A pus filled vesicle?
What is a furuncle?
Large Pustule, deeper involvement.
What is a Carbuncle?
Several Furuncles together
What is an Abcess?
A deep collection of pus
What is Comedo?
A plug of sebum and bacteria in the hair follicle causing acne.
What is Lichenifiication?
A thickening of the skin due to prolonged scratching. It is a hallmark of eczmea.
Gram stain test for?
KOH tests for?
Fungi or yeast.
What is the diagnosis for Comedos, pustules and erythematous papules on the face chest or back? It is also a disease of the sebaceous glands with the onset of puberty.
What is the drug of choice for the treatment of Acne?
Tetracycline 250mg twice a day
What is Folliculitis?
Localized infection of a hair follicle
What is a furuncle?
A large deep follicular infection
What is a carbuncle?
Joining together of furnicles with several draining points
How do you treat a furnucle?
I&D and Antibiotics.
What kinds of Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections?
Dicloxacillin, Erythromycin and Velosef
What is Impetigo?
An infection of the superficial layers of the skin caused by Strep or Staph bacteria.
What is Cellulitis?
A deep infection of the skin caused by Strep or Staph bacteria.
This is a self-limited mild, scaly erythematous skin eruption occuring primarily in adolescents and young adults lasting about 5 to 8 weeks
Pityriasis Rosea
This skin diesase is preceded by a "Herald Patch", following the lines of cleavage of the trunk-a pattern linked to a Christmas tree.
Pityriasis Rosea
Characterized by overproduction of the new skin
Lesions have an irregular shape with a sharp border and a red base topped by a silver scale
A fungal infection of the groin referred to as “jock itch”
Tinea Cruris
Fungal infection of the feet
Tinea Pedis
Tinea Versicolor
Lesions on t he trunk and upper arms. May vary in color from white to pink to tan
A chronic, superficial, inflammatory process with erythemia and scaling affecting hairy regions of the body (espcially the cranail areas)
What is the treatment for eczema (contact dermatitis and atopic dermatitis)?
What is the treatment for parasitic infections (scabies) or infestations (pubic or crab louse)?
Kwell cream