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How is Mn transported in plasma?
Bound to transferrin like iron (in Mn3+ state)! However, Mn def. does not result in increased TfRs.
How is excess Mn excreted?
Bile: as Mn-billiruben
How is homeo maintained?
How is it absorbed?
Via biliary excretion. Not by absorption: only ~ 3-4% absorbed.
What are some Mn-dependent enzymes?
Glycosyl transferase
Pyruvate Carboxylase
What is the biochem function of glycosyl transferase?

Activity vs Mn?
Catalyzes the transfer of sugar to substrate. :
UDP-sugar + substrate --> sugar-substrate + UDP

Substrate differs; transferases are specific.

Involved in formation of GAGs which are part of the matrix upon which collagen and bone mineral laid down.

Decreased Activity w/Low MN
What is the biochem function of Arginase?

Activity f(Mn)?
Where is this enzyme?
Hepatic enzyme that is part of urea cycle. High plasma ammonium if low Mn.

Arginine --> urea + ornithine

Decreased Activity w/Low MN
What is the biochem function of Pyruvate carboxylase?

Activity f(Mn)?
Where is this enzyme?
Mitrochondrial enzyme involved in gluconeogenesis
Pyruvate + HCO3- (+ATP)--> OOA
(+ADP + Pi)

****Activity does NOT decrease: Mg substitutes for Mn
What is the biochem function of

Where is this enzyme?
ONLY mitochrondrial form.
O2- + H --> O2 + H20
& Mn2+-->Mn3+
Mn def in animals?
Adnormal Lipid Metabolism
Offspring affected: irreversibe ataxia (malformed olith structure), abnormal carb met.
Slipped Tendon
Toxicity of Mn?
"Manganese madness" three stages:
1. Abnormal behavior: fatigue, cramps, headage, apathy, psychotic reactions
2. Parkinsonian - monotone voice, loss of expression
3. Abnormal gait, dystonia

permanent damage to extrapyramidal system