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What foods contain Vitamin C
citrus fruits and broccoli and potatoes
What does Vitamin B do for you?
gives you energy
What vitamin is actually 8 vitamins together?
Vitamin B
What foods contain Vitamin E
fats and oils
What foods contain Vitamin K
yogurt and green, leafy vegetables
Name 4 minerals
calcium, sodium, iron, iodine
What does Vitamin K do for you?
clots your blood
What does Vitamin A do for you?
healthy skin
helps prevent infections
What does Vitamin E do for you?
helps your body use Vitamin A
heals wounds
changes food into energy
What foods contain Vitamin A
egg yolk, milk, butter, liver, dark green and yellow vegetables
What are nutrients?
substances found in food that help your body grow; proteins, vitamins, minerals, and carboyhdrates
What parts of your body contain large amounts of protein?
skin, nails, hair, muscles
what is the definition of the word vitamin?
nutrients in food that keep your body working and growing
What foods contain Vitamin D
milk, liver, oils, fatty fish (sardines, tuna, salmon), milk, and egg yolk
What foods contain Vitamin B
yeast, wheat germ, red meat