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what is the system that controls conscious visual perception?
Geniculo-striate system
trace the pathway of the geniculo-striate system
Retina- Optic Nerve- Optic Chiasm- Optic Tract- LGN-Optic Radiations- Primary Visual Cortex- Extrastriate Cortex
what is the function of the Retino-Tectal System?
directs eye movements and visual attention
trace the pathway of the retino-tectal system
Retina- Superior Colliculus- Pulvinar- Extrastriate Cortex
how does information get from the LGN to the occipital lobe (Primary Visual Cortex)?
optic radiations
what are optic radiations?
white matter tacts that extend from the LGN to the Primary Visual Cortex in the occipital lobe
where is the Primary Visual Cortex located?
in the Calcarine Fissure
what is the image like that is projected on the retina?
upside down and backwards
damage to what lobe can cause visual field defects?
what is the circular system of the retinogeniculate pathway called?
Myers' Loop
trace the pathway of the pupil constriction pathway
Retina- Optic Nerve, Chiasm, Tract- Pregeniculate Body- Pretectal Area- Posterior Commisure- Edignger Westphal Nucleus (Midbrain)- CNIII to Ciliary Ganglion- Constrictor Muscle of the Pupil
trace the pathway of the pupil dilation pathway
Retina-Optic Nerve, Chiasm, Tract- Pregeniculate Body-Reticular Formation of the Midbrain- Thoracic Spinal Cord-Superior Cervical Ganglion- Pupilary Dilator Muscle
what can emotional responses cause?
pupil dilation (sympathetic reflex from the sympathetic chain)
Consensual Light is it possible to have constriction of both pupils when you shine a light into only one eye?
the posterior commissure connects the two sides of this system together
what does the pupil do in response to darkeness?
dialates to get light
which muscle controls accomodation?
ciliary body
what does thickening of the lens do?
shortens the focal length
what needs to happen in the lens for near vision?
thickening of the lens
trace the accomodation pathway
Retina- LGN- Primary Visual Cortex- Extrastriate Cortex- Pretectum-Edinger Westphal nucleus-CN 3- ciliary ganglion- ciliary body
what 3 things happen during accomodation?
1) convergence of the two eyes
2) ciliary muscles contract for lens thickening
3) pupillary constriction
3 ways the accomodation reflex is different from the pupillary reflex
1) it is voluntarily controlled
2) It is regulated by a negative feedback mehanism that automaticaly adjusts the focal power of the lens
3) The pathway is the only reflex pathway that includes the cerebral cortex
why does the accomodation pathway need to utilize the cerebral cortex?
for detailed analysis of the image to determine if it is blurry
what is retinotopy?
receptors that are near each other in the retina will have projections into the nervous system that stay together
what is the receptive field?
the area of the visual field to which the cell responds
what is the binocular visual field?
when the visual fields overlap.....stuff in the middle that both eyes see
where does the left visual field fall?
on the right side of the retina in BOTH eyes
what is the left 1/2 of the visual field comprised of?
the right 1/2 of the retina in both eyes
where does the left 1/2 of the visual field end up?
on the right side of the brain below the Calcarine Fissure
what is eccentricity?
the distance from the center of gaze
what happens to the ganglion cells as you look further into the peripheral field?
there are fewer and fewer ganglion cells
what is hemianopia?
loss of vision in a hemifield (half of field)
what is quadrantanopia?
loss of vision in a quadrant