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chemicals which visual sensations depend. Rods depend on rhodopsin and cones rely on iodopsin
dark adaptation
eyes adapt to the dark by sinthesising iodopsin adn rhodopsin and the cones reach their maximun sensitivity after about 10min, rods take 30
definition of dark adaptation
the precess by which eyes become more sensetive to light
trichromatic theory
assumes the retina has three kinds of receptors (cones) each of which is maximally sensative to red, green, or blue light
color afterimages
images that persist after the removal of a visual stimulus
people with three kinds of iodspsin (red, blue, green)
color blind people who lack one kind of iodspsin
cues that require two eyes
visual cues that only require one eye
retinal disparity
apparent movement of an object, the closer the object is the more disparity when changing from eye to eye ( hallograms and 3D movies)
cross eyes
u cant use them in paining and drawing
invented by di vinchi
realtive size
if u want to covey depth and you know the relative size make one smaller
linar perspective
as // objecys get farther away they tend to look as if they are comming together
other pictoral tequniques
interposition, elevation, shade and light
texture gradiant
greater the texture= closer the object