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What is a procedure
Is a block of code that performs a specific task
What are the most common procedures in VB?
They are sub-procedures and Function procedures
What is the difference between a Function Procedure and a sub-procedure
A function procedure returns a value, while a sub procedure does not
What types of subprocedures are availabe in VB?
there are 2 types of subprocedures. Event procedures and independent sub procedures
What is the difference between an event procedure and an independent sub-procedure
An event procedure is associated with a specific object and event. Independent sub procedures is collection of code that can be invoked from one or more places in the application
How do you declare an independent sub-procedure?
Private Sub procedureName([parameterlist])
End Sub
Define the procedureName and parameterList of an independent subprocedure?
The procedureName is any name given to the sub-procedure.
The parameterList list the datatype and name of one or more memory locations, called parameters. They store information passed to the procedure when it is invoked. It also specifies how each parameter is passed, either by value or by reference.
How do you invoke a sub-procedure?
Give an example
You use the call statement
Call procedureName([argumentList])
What is the argumentList in the subprocedure call statement?
The parameterList (which is optional) is a comma separated list of arguments you want passed to the procedure.
Given an HoursComboBox, write a For..Next statement that fills it from 30 to 50 hours with 1/2 hrs increment. Show only 1 decimal.
For hours As Decimal = 30D To 50D Step 0.5D hoursComboBox.Items.Add(hours.ToString("N1"))
Next hours