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List the following characteristics of Poxviridae:
important viruses
linear ds DNA
envelope, brick-shaped complex
variola, vaccinia, molluscum, contagiosum
List the different viruses in the Herpesviridae family.
HHV1 = HVS1 = cold sores
HHV2 = HSV2 = genital sores
HHV3 = varicella-zoster = chicken pox
HHV4 = cytomegalovirus
HHV5 = epstein-barr virus = mononucleosis
HHV6 = roseola infantum
HHV7 = no disease
HHV8 = Kaposi's sarcoma
Herpes B = encephalitis
What is the genomic and morphological structure of Herpesviridae?
linear ds DNA
How do Herpesviridae replicate?
1. viral genome enters nucleus via nuclear pore
2. tegument proteins direct cell RNA polymerase to transcribe immediate-early (IE) viral genes (DNA-->RNA)
3. IE mRNA translated (RNA-->Protein) to produce enzymes for viral DNA replication
4. viral DNA replicates using viral enzymes
5. DNA includes L gene which is transcribed and translated
6. DNA is also stored for viral progeny packaging
7. L gene gives rise to structural proteins and glycoproteins
8. viral progeny exit nucleus and acquire envelope by budding through nuclear membrane
Herpes symplex viruses are part of what group of Herpesviridae?
alphaherpesvirus - broad host range, lytic in culture, neurotropic, short life cycle
How is shingles acquired?
Reactivation of varicella-zoster virus - can be caused by loss of immunity or immunocompromised state
Where does the varicella-zoster virus tend to replicate?
primary viremia - replication in regional lymph nodes, liver, spleen
secondary viremia - replication in epidermal cells
Where might you find latent cytomegalovirus?
cells of monocytic lineage
Where might you find latent epstein-barr virus?
B lymphocytes
What kind of cancers can be caused by epstein-barr virus?
Burkitt's lymphoma
nasopharygeal carcinoma
B cell lymphoma
What causes pathology in epstein-barr virus?
B cells are infected via interaction of CD21 and MHCII, leading to B cell expression of viral proteins EBNA1, LMP1, LMP2, which induces an immune response by T cells. T cells quickly kill B cells that express these viral proteins, causing a release of cytokines. Release of cytokines is what causes the symptoms experienced.
HHV8 is part of what group of Herpesviridae?
gammaherpesvirus - lymphotropic
List the following characteristics of Adenoviridae:
important viruses
linear ds DNA
naked, icosahedral
coxsackie B3 receptor, integrins
List the following characteristics of Parvoviridae:
linear ss DNA
List the following characteristics of Papovaviridae:
important viruses
circular ss DNA
naked, icosahedral
Papillomavirus, Polyomavirus
What serotypes of papillomavirus are associated with cervical cancer?
What viral proteins are required for proliferation of papillomavirus?
E6 - binds to and degrades p53
E7 - binds to RB and prevents its natural activities
What is papillomavirus's mode of infection?
initially infects epithelial cells
then induces proliferation of cells in basal layer by expressing a subset of viral genes
infected cells differentiate and move to surface of wart where viral progeny are produced
What virus has a circular ds DNA genome and an envelope?