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Why are viruses parasitic?
As they don't create their own energy so need a host
Simple viruses are made up of what?
DNA or RNA - but never both
What is the name of the viruses that affect bacteria?
Bacteriophages or phages
How are viruses that cause damage as a result of replication classified?
What is the name of viruses that reverse transcript?
When a virus contains a lipoprotein envelope it is known as a ?
Enveloped virus
What are nonenveloped viruses known as?
Naked Viruses
What is the name of the protein coat around a virus?
Capsid coat
What is the name of the virus that enters the gastrointestinal tract and multiplies there?
What is the material of the capsid in a virus made up of?
Polypeptides known as capsomeres
Can viruses with a lipoprotein envelope be susceptible to disinfection?
In a virus what is the name of the genome and the capsid?
nucleocapsid or virion
Are the shapes of the viruses similar or quite different?
Quite different
What are the spikes on viruses used for?
To attach to host cells