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In viral DNA Replication where does replication begin and end?
Begins at ORIgin and ends at Terminus
Is viral replication conservative or semiconservative?
What do all DNA polymerases require for initiation?
What are some strategies viruses use for DNA synthesis?
Use cell proteins
Use viral proteins
Induce cell cycle changes in host cell
What are limitation of using host proteins for viral DNA synthesis?
Dependen upon the host cell to be in the appropriate state of cell cycle because certain cell proteins are only made at certain stages. May induce phase change in cell
What are the benefits/limitations of using viral proteins for all DNA synthesis?
Replication can be independent of cell state. But it is expensive genetically to encode all genes and make proteins
What are the steps of viral replication?
Origin recognition & priming
Resolution of replication products
What is the vOri?
vOri contains sites where vDNA synthesis initiates
It is the minimal DNA sequence required to initiate DNA synthesis in cells
How many origins does Papilloma virus have?
1 ori
How many origins does Adeno virus have?
2 ori
How many origins does Herpes viruses have?
3 ori
What are the similar features of all viral origins?
AT rich sequences
Core region
some have transcriptional activators
How does AT rich sequences affect viral replication?
fewer H bonds to break allowing easier unwinding by helicase
What is the core region and its features?
The core region is essential for replication. It is flanked by sequences that can be removed/altered. These flanking sequences usually stimulate replication
What is the SV40 Large T Antigen?
It is the Polyomavirus Large T antigen.
It is necessary and sufficent for vOrigin recognition.
It has many functions
What are the functions of the SV40 Large T Antigen?
vOrigin recognition
Helicase activity
Species-specific binding to host DNA polymerase
Binds other host proteins required for replication - induces S phase
Transcriptional regulatory functions - autoregulation and activation of late gene expression
What happens after SV40 LT recognizes its vOrigin?
1. it is phosphorylated at Ser & Thr in N & C terminal domains
2. Confromational changes after DNA binding
3. Stimulates cooperative binding to form replication complex
What are the three primers used by viruses?
RNA Primers - polyoma & some herpesviruses use cell's DNA polymerase alpha-primase to make primers for both template strands
DNA Primers - parvovirus used inverted repeats at end of genome which forms hairpin which funcitons as a primer
Protein primers - Adenovirus & hepadnaviruses use viral proteins to prime DNA synthesis