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Jaundice in a drug user is usually caused by what viruses
Hepatitis B or non A, non B (Hepatitis C)
Mononucleosis following a blood transfusion and/or immunosuppression is probably caused by what virus
What type of culture uses cells prepared directly from tissues: monkey kidneys, chick embryos. They can be passaged a limited number of times: 10-20
Primary cell cultures
What type of cell culture can be passaged 50-100 times
Diploid cell cultures
What type of cell cultures are immortalized and can be passaged indefinetly
What are some advantages of cell culture
Extremely sensitive (only need one virus)
Can yield many different viruses
Can discover new viral agents
Bankable viral isolate for later study
Proof that the patient had the virus
What is meant by cytopathic effect
Virus growth in cell culture is detected by examination of the culture for evidence of morphological changes in the cultured cells
What two viruses are known to grow to high levels in cell culture without producing cytopathic effects
Influenza and parainfluenza
Hemadsorption works mainly with what four viruses
Failure of echovirus type 11 to cause dramatic cytopathic effects in cultured cells indicates what
It is evidence that another virus is replicating in the cell culture, most likely Rubella
The shell viral culture is widely used for what viruses
How does shell viral culture work
Cell cultures are analyzed for viral immediate early proteins. Presence of B-galactosidase is looked for in the ELVIS assay
Tzanck smear is a technique for demonstrating the presence of what
HSV 1 and 2
In what diagnostic technique is material prepared from the base of a lesion on a slide, followed by air-drying, acetone fixation, and staining with Wright, Giemsa or variety of other stains. The presence of multinucleated giant cells or intracellular inclusions is looked for
Tzanck smear
What diagnostic test is performed on cells obtained from the uterine cervix to screen for cervical cancer. Presence of HPV is suggested by characteristic changes in keratinocytes: condensed nucleus with a perinuclear clear zone
Papanicolaou staining (Pap smear)
What type of cellular inclusions are typically seen with DNA viruses
Intranuclear inclusions
What type of cellular inclusions are typically seen with RNA viruses
Intracytoplasmic inclusions
What is a Negri body
A rabies cytoplasmic inclusion body
What is a Cowdry body
A HSV nuclear inclusion body
Negative-staining EM is used for detection of what
Viruses in stool samples of gastroenteritis
What diagnostic technique is widely used because it is rapid and often specific; does not require the presence of viable virus; and is often highly sensitive
Antigen detection
What is direct hybridization
The most straightforward Molecular Diagnosis assay, and the least sensitive of the three. Probe is a sequence of viral nucleic acid and is tagged with biotin or an enzyme. Target is the viral nucleic acid in the specimen. Dot Blots, Slot Blots, Southern Blots
The Roche Amplicor Monitor is an assay for what
HIV RNA detection in plasma
What does a neutralization assay measure
The ability of a serum to block the infection of a specific virus culture system
What is the reference test for Rubella virus and Dengue virus
Hemmagglutination inhibition assay
What type of assay is used for EBV, CMV, Hepatitis A and B, and Dengue
Virus-specific IgM assays
What are the three main categories of Molecular Diagnosis
Direct Hybridization; target amplification; signal amplification
What is the hemadsorption test
Erythrocytes are over-laid onto cultures and infected cells can bind the red blood cells.