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Virginia seceeded from US of A
Richmond became capital of confederacy
because o the small distance between richmond and DC many battles were fought in va
Battles of Bull Run or Manassas
july 1861
august 1862
Sea Battle of USS Monitor and the USS Merrimack/SCC Virginia
MArch 1862
Lincoln used Union ?Navy to blovk southern ports
battle between the two ships near NOrfolk and HAmpton
four hour batle was a draw with neither ship seriously damaged
Battle of Fredericksburg
December 1862
General Robert E Lee/Commander of Army of Norhtern Va
defeatedunion orces led by ambrose burnside
major union defeat
Battle of Chancellorsville
May 1863
Robert E Lee attacked Hooker's
Union of the Potomac
Union defeat
The Seige of Peersburg
Grant moved toward Richmond through a seige onb Petersburg
Lee's army dug in for ten months
Lee sent word for Pres JEfferson Davis to leave Richmond, the capital of the US confederacy
Jefferson Davis
President of the Confederacy
Richmond 1865
Union forces attacked it constantly b/c it was the capital of the confederacy
Grant captured Richmond on April 2, 1865
confederates set fire to armory and burned half of city before they left
Appomatox Courthouse
Robert E Lee (South) surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant (north) on April 9 1865