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freedom of religion, based on Thomas Jefferson's VA Statute of Religious Freedom
First Amendment
Led by George Washington, won the Revolutionary War
Continental Army
President Jefferson's 1803 purchase from France; huge tract of land in center of North America, doubled the size of the United States
Louisiana Purchase
Announcement on January 1, 1863, by President Lincoln that all slaves in Confederacy free
Emanicpation Proclamation
Jefferson's secretary who with William Clark led expedition to explore Louisiana Territory
Meriwether Lewis
head of the Union army during the Civil War, elected President of the US in 1868
Ulysses S. Grant
Nation formed by the Southern states in 1861
Struggle for independence to which British colonies fought against Britain
Revolutionary War
known for growing corn, west of the Fall Line
Piedmont Region
Lower house of Va. Colony's General Assembly. Members representing settlements elected by white male property owners
House of Burgesses