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What is the definition of licensure?
Licensure - higher level of knowledge & education & limits those who can participate ONLY to those individuals that meet requirements

- Guarantees "exclusivity" & is protectionist
- Presumes general public cannot distinguish between the real thing & "quacks"
- Licensure of pharmacists is at discretion of states & not federal government

Licensure exams meant to test minimal competency of material/ profession
What is the defintion of certification?
Certification - suggests a specialized knowledge in a certain area, but generally does not limit non-certified individuals from participation

All pharmacists must be licensed to practice pharmacy and some may receive additional certification in certain areas of pharmacy

Generally non-certified pharmacists are not precluded from participating in a speciality
What is the role of State Boards of Pharmacy from an administrative perspective?
State administrative agency overseeing pharmacy profession

Protects public's health, safety, & welfare in regard to safety of Rx drug dispensing & distribution

Technically, Board protects the consumer, NOT pharmacists!
Who makes up the VA Board of Pharmacy, how long is the office term, and how often do the members meet?
Certification - suggests a specialized knowledge in a certain area, but generally does not limit non-certified individuals from participation

All pharmacists must be licensed to practice pharmacy and some may receive additional certification in certain areas of pharmacy

Generally non-certified pharmacists are not precluded from participating in a speciality
What are the general requirements for pharmacist licensure?
Graduate from an approved pharmacy school
Complete internship requirements
Be a minimum age (18)
Pass a licensure exam
Demonstrate good moral character

Some states' rules require US citizenship, but generally this is considered not enforcealble because of precedent in the law
What are Virginia's current standard testing requirements for Pharmacist Licensure?
North American Pharmacy Licensure Examination (NAPLEX)

Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination (MPJE)
How may a licensed pharmacist transfer his license to another state?
Pursuant to state laws & regulations

Some states are more stringent (Florida)
Some states require completion of MPJE or other exam
Original license allows reciprocity
How must a pharmacist obtain a license?

Graduates after Jan 1, 2003 must have a total of at least 1500hrs of practical experience

300hrs in area of Rx compounding & dispensing within a pharmacy (some internships do not count toward these hours)

Graduates before Jan 1, 2003 shall have at least 1000hrs of practical experience

All practical experience must be obtained after completion of the 1st year of pharmacy in an approved school
What denies a school of pharmacy as being "approved"?
Approved by the American Council of Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE)
How must a pharmacist gain practical experience in Virginia?
Must register with the state as a pharmacy intern (may register with VA if intent is to become licensed in another jurisdiction)

Pharmacist with unrestricted license must oversee pharmacy intern's activities (a pharmacist may only supervise one pharmacy intern during any given period)

Pharmacy intern must submit hours to the Board for certification pursuant to an affidavit prior to taking examination

If a state requires a pharmacy school to certify hours, the school must submit an affidavit to the sate
What are requirements for pharmacy education in Virginia?
Anyone graduating on or after June 1, 1964 must have at least a 5 year BS or a Doctorate of Pharmacy

All applicants must be at least 18 years of age & be of good moral character
What is required of examination content for licensure in Virginia?
Must have a passing score on NAPLEX/MPJE

Applicants have 3 tries to attain a passing score
- If after 3 attempts, applicant does not pass, then must register as a pharmacy intern & complete an additional 1000 hours of practical experience
What is required of foreign trained pharmacists for licensure?
Individuals who graduated from pharmacy schools outside of the US must take an equivalency exam called the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalence Examination, Test of English as a Foreigh Language, & Test of Spoken English

Then, the individual must complete & pass NAPLEX/MJPE
What are the requirements for renewing & reinstating licenses in Virginia?
Pharmacist licenses expire on Dec 31, & require annual renewal prior to that date

Must submit a statement of compliance with continuing education requirements
- Do not have to provide the Board with the actual documents upon renewal
- Only have to provide upon audit
- CE forms may be maintained by pharmacist, do not have to be maintained in a pharmacy

Newly licensed pharmacists after Oct 1 do not have to renew until Dec 31 of the following year
How long must CE certificates be maintained?
2 years
What must occur when a pharmacist fails to renew his license?
Within one year following expiration submit renewal fee, late fee, renewal form and statement of compliance with continuing education

More than 1 year following expiration must:
- Submit application for reinstatement
- Pay renewal fee and additional reinstatement fee
- Submit documentation of compliance with continuing education
- Reinstatement NOT guaranteed--it is at discretion of Board

Inactive license for more than one year must
- Submit application for reinstatement
- Submit documentation showing compliance with continuing education and
- Pay current active renewal fees
What must occur when a pharmacist lets his license lapse, become inactive, suspended, or revoked for less than 5 years?
Must take appropriate steps for renewal and submit number of continuing education units equivalent to number of years which license has not been active
- A maximum of 60 credits
What must occur when a pharmacist lets his license lapse, become inactive, suspended, or revoked for less than 5 years?
Must take appropriate actions for renewal and
- Submit a maximum of 60 hours of continuing education and

One of the following
- Active pharmacy practice in the past 5 years in another state or
- Practical experience as a pharmacy intern registered with the Board at least 160 hours within 6 months prior to being reinstated and successful passage of MJPE examination

Pharmacists without an active license cannot practice pharmacy and may be disciplined by the Board for practicing
What are the continuing education requirements for pharmacists?
Each year, pharmacists must attain at least 15 continuing education hours

Continuing pharmacy education programs must be approved by the Board of Pharmacy (programs approved by ACPE qualify)

Pharmacists in the first full year of licensure do not have to meet continuing education requirements

Pharmacists may seek a one year extension to fulfill continuing education requirements
How long must pharmacists maintain continuing education requirements?
Pharmacists must attain certificates issued by continuing pharmaceutical education programs
- Must be maintained by the pharmacist for at least 2 years following license renewal
- Board of pharmacy may request certificates for audit over a two year period
- Pharmacists also licensed in other states who meet VA requirements need not obtain additional credits
- Some states require specific areas or types of continuing education programs but VA does not have specific requirements
What are the requirements for pharmacy permits?
Each pharmacy location must have a separate permit
- All entities permitted by states as pharmacies must employ pharmacists to oversee the entire pharmacy
- Some states require pharmacies to be owned by pharmacists
- Physician ownership of pharmacies controversial in some cases
- May do so if no conflict of interest exists
What are the premit requirements for a new pharmacy, acquisition of, or changes to an existing pharmacy?
Any person wishing to open a new pharmacy, acquire an existing pharmacy, change location of existing pharmacy, move location or make structural changes to an existing prescription department or make changes to a previously approved security system must file an application with Board of Pharmacy
- Proposed location or structural changes must be inspected by an authorized agent prior to issuance of permit
- Pharmacy permit applications with a requested inspection date allowed if 14-notice is provided prior to the requested inspection
- If a 14-day inspection notice no given, may be adjusted by the Board
What are the physical standards for all pharmacies?
Prescription department shall not be less than 240 sq ft
- Cannot include patient waiting area or area used for counseling, devices, cosmetics, and proprietary medicines
- Cannot allow public access to stock rooms, rest rooms through the pharmacy
- Can provide an office used exclusively by the pharmacist
- Rest room purely for prescription department personnel may be allowed if another rest room is available to other employees and the public
- Must be well lighted and proper storage temperature maintained according to USP drug storage
- Prescription department counter shall only be used for compounding and dispensing of drugs
- Requires a sink with hot and cold running water
- Must have adequate refrigeration facilities
What are minimum equipment & resource requirements?
PIC must maintain

Current dispensing information reference source
- Prescription balances sensitive to 15 mg and weights or an electronic scale if pharmacy engaged in activities requiring the weighing of components
- Other equipment, supplies, and references consistent with scope of practice and public safety
What is required of the security system in a virginia pharmacy?
Must have a security system to detect breaking into prescription department
- Must comply with currently accepted burglar alarm industry standards
- Must be a sound, microwave, photoelectric, ultrasonic, or other suitable device
- Must be maintained and have an auxiliary source of power
- Must protect the entire prescription area
What are the exemptions for security systems in pharmacies in Virginia?
Pharmacist are only individuals who have access to security system

Certain exemptions exist for extended hours facilities with an existing enclosure do not need a separate system

Exemption for 24 hour stores that remain open unless hours change then must notify Board within 72 hours and install system
What are the requirements for the prescription department enclosures?
Must protect controlled drug inventory from unauthorized entry or pilferage whether or not a pharmacist is no duty
- Must be of a height to prevent a person from reaching over to gain access to drugs
- Entrances must have a door with no more than a 6 inch gap from the floor at least as high as the adjacent structure
- Doors must have locking devices to prevent unauthorized entry in absence of pharmacist
What are the requirements for obtaining & renewing a pharmacy license in Virginia?
Entities must submit application for permit from the Board
- Must be signed by the intended pharmacist in charge of the pharmacy

Application must include
- Corporate name and trade name
- All pharmacists in addition to pharmacist in charge

Hours of operation
- Any changes to hours of operation expected to last more than 1 week must be reported to the Board at least 14 days prior to anticipated change
- Changes and hours of operation must be publicly posted in conspicuous place

Application must include ownership, including partnerships, etc if non-pharmacist is owner
Pharmacist in charge (PIC) always receives permit in his/her name regardless of ownership
- Ownership shall not trump pharmacist judgment

If ownership changes, pharmacist in charge changes or pharmacy closing, then permit shall be surrendered to the Board of Pharmacy and new application made
- Pharmacy licenses must be renewed before December 31 each year
What are the requirements for obtaining and renewing pharmacy licenses in Virginia?
Application must include ownership, including partnerships, etc if non-pharmacist is owner
- Pharmacist in charge (PIC) always receives permit in his/her name regardless of ownership
- Ownership shall not trump pharmacist judgment

If ownership changes, pharmacist in charge changes or pharmacy closing, then permit shall be surrendered to the Board of Pharmacy and new application made
- Pharmacy licenses must be renewed before December 31 each year
What do pharmacy permits generally allow?
Pharmacists may only be in charge of two pharmacies at any one time
- PIC or pharmacist on duty responsible for all aspects of pharmacy
- When pharmacist in charge changes, must take inventory of all II-V controlled substances on hand and immediately return permit to Board
What do special or limited use pharmacy permits allow?
Board of pharmacy may issue limited-use pharmacy permits when the scope of the pharmacy practice is to be special, limited, or unusual nature compared to regular pharmacy

Applicant must request and define special use and policies and procedures for such special use
How must a pharmacist license and pharmacy permit be displayed?
Both must be displayed in a conspicuous place in the pharmacy where the permit issued and where the pharmacist practices
What is "practice of pharmacy"?
Personal health service concerned with the art and science of selecting, procuring,recommending, administering, preparing, compounding, packaging, and dispensing
- Of drugs, medicines, and devices
- Used in diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease
- Whether compounded or dispensed on rx
- Includes proper and safe storage and distribution of drugs, maintenance of proper records, providing information regarding drugs and medicines and their therapeutic value
- Management of patient care under a collaborative practice agreement
What activities are restricted to pharmacists?
Review of prescription for appropriateness, validity, safety including interactions, contraindications, adverse effects, incorrect dosage or duration, clinical misuse or abuse, noncompliance and duplication of therapy
- Receipt of an oral prescription from a practitioner or authorized agent
- Conducing prospective drug review and counseling prior to dispensing or refilling of any prescription
- Providing information to pubic or practitioner concerning therapeutic value and use of drugs in treatment and prevention of disease
- Communication with prescriber or prescriber’s agent regarding any modification, other than refill authorization of a prescription or of any drug therapy
- Verifying the accuracy of the prescription prior to dispensing
- Supervision of pharmacy interns and pharmacy technicians
What are the responsibilities of the pharmacist in charge?
Pharmacist with primary responsibility in the pharmacy
- Receives and signs for the pharmacy permit
- Generally signs DEA registration and Form 222 forms unless power of attorney allows other pharmacists to also sign and execute DEA forms
- PIC must always be on record with the Board of Pharmacy

Absences for more than 15 days with no known return date
- Pharmacy owner must notify Board of Pharmacy of intent to find new PIC within 15 days
- Application for permit with new PIC shall be filed within 14 days of resignation or termination of PIC

Prior to PIC leaving, must take an inventory of the pharmacy
- New PIC must also take inventory
What is required as part of personal supervision in a pharmacy?
Pharmacist required to personally supervise all activities in the pharmacy and by pharmacy personnel
- Pharmacist must have personal control over the entire service to telephonic, written or any mechanical or electronic mean of control appropriate
- In some cases, pharmacist may maintain control of satellite pharmacies or automated dispensing systems with specific authorization by State Board of Pharmacy or DEA if necessary

Pharmacist must direct and control activities of a pharmacy intern or technician with a physical presence in the pharmacy
- Pharmacist must be available for immediate oral communication
What are the requirements for the prescription department ?
Pharmacist must be present in the prescription department during hours of operation

Contiguous or noncontiguous areas used for compounding, dispensing, and storage of all SII-VI drugs and devices

In limited cases, pharmacists may leave the prescription department and prepared prescriptions may still be dispensed, but generally prescription department must be closed if pharmacist not present

Pharmacist must ensure that controlled paraphernalia such as syringes and other items be in the prescription department and away from the ability of patrons to access such items or where a pharmacist cannot exercise reasonable supervision and control of this paraphernalia

Pharmacist must also ensure that expired prescription drugs are pulled from stock and stored in a separate area of the prescription department
What are pharmacy interns allowed to do compared to technicians?
Pharmacy interns gaining experiential training in the practice of pharmacy

Technicians provide administrative assistance to pharmacist in dispensing and compounding prescriptions

Pharmacy interns can assume a greater role than technicians, including taking

Pharmacies and technicians must be supervised by a pharmacist for activities

Pharmacists may supervise up to four (4) technicians at one time in VA
What are technicians allowed to do?
Technicians must be registered as a technician with State Board of Pharmacy
Pharmacy technicians employed by pharmacies in VA have 9 months to complete training program and become registered with Board of Pharmacy
Application includes a fee and
Completion of an approved training program
Passing score on a board-approved examination
What must training programs teach technicians?
Prescription data order entry and recordkeeping
Preparation of prescription labels or patient information
Removal of drug to be dispensed from inventory
Counting, measuring,or compounding of drug(s) to be dispensed
Stocking or loading of automated dispensing systems or other devices used in dispensing process
Acceptance of refill authorization from prescriber or authorized agent if no change to original prescription
What are the requirements for tech training programs?
VA permits instructors to include the following
Pharmacists with current unrestricted license in any jurisdiction of the US
Pharmacy technician with at least one year of experience in performing technician tasks who holds an unrestricted registration in VA or current PTCB certification
Other person approved and deemed qualified by the Board to be an instructor

VA does not have a set timeframe for pharmacist technician program
- Requires sufficient time to ensure that participant can demonstrate entry-level competency and sit for the board-approved examination

Program must maintain records of program participants either on-site or at another location if readily retrievable upon request
- Records maintained for 2 years
What are the requirements for the tech exam?
VA Board requires approval of one or more examination to test entry-level competency for pharmacy technicians

Tests must be developed in accordance with and meet recognized acceptable test measurement standards of the Joint Technical Standards for Education and Psychological Association administered by a third party
What are the requirements for tech registration & renewal?
Pharmacy technician registration expires on December 31 and is renewed annually

If a pharmacy technician is newly registered after July 1,then he or she shall not have to renew until December 31 of the following year

Technicians who do not renew registration by expiration of renewal date must submit the renewal fee, late fee, renewal form, and proof of continuing education
What are other requirements for tech registration & renewal?
Pharmacy technicians who do not renew more than 1 year following expiration and who wishes to reinstate must submit an application for reinstatement, pay renewal fee, and reinstatement fee,and submit documentation showing compliance with continuing education
- Reinstatement is at discretion of Board of Pharmacy
- Registrant that conducts technician activities with a lapsed registration may be subject to disciplinary action by the Board
- Penalties for pharmacists that allow technicians to continue work without a renewed registration?

Technicians must obtain 5 hours of continuing education each year
- Audit requirements generally the same as for pharmacists
What are the requiremetns for pharmacies that emply technicians?
Must have a site-specific training program and manual
- Technicians must be trained to use equipment and computers necessary in the practice
- Technicians must be familiar with pharmacy calculations
- Information regarding site-specific training must be maintained by the pharmacy for the duration of a technician’s employment and for two years from date of termination of employment
What is required of pharmacist monitoring of an individual in tech training?
Pharmacists can only monitor two individuals who are enrolled in a technician training program at any one time
Pharmacists may only supervise a total of four persons performing technician functions including technicians and trainees
What does denial, revocation, & suspension of registration as a pharmacy tech apply to?
A technician who:

- Has been negligent as pharmacy technician
- Has engaged in or attempted to engage in any fraud or deceit as a pharmacy technician
- Has engaged in activities that may only be performed by a pharmacist
- Has become incompetent to perform the duties of a pharmacy technician because of a mental or physical condition
- Uses drugs or alcohol to the extent that he is rendered unsafe to perform the duties of a pharmacy technician
- Has violated or cooperated in violating any law or provision related to the practice of pharmacy or other Board regulation
- Has been convicted of any felony or crime involving moral turpitude or has been convicted by violating any federal drug law or any law in VA
- Has been prohibited from performing the duties of a pharmacy technician by any other state
Who has access to the prescription department when a pharmacist is on duty?
Only pharmacists practicing at the pharmacy and PIC shall have access to keys or other means of opening the pharmacy or alarm access code

A key or security code information may be placed in an envelope or other container with the pharmacist’s signature across the seal in a safe or vault within the pharmacy department or other secured place
- Board of Pharmacy may approve means other than the pharmacists’ signature as a way to secure keys or alarm information

Interns, pharmacy technicians, and other persons shall be allowed access only at those times when the pharmacist is on duty
When can a tech enter a pharmacy without a pharmacist on duty?
Retrieving prepared prescriptions for delivery to a patient

Patient must request that he/she obtain access to a prescription already dispensed
- Pharmacy technician may enter for the sole purpose of retrieving the designated prescriptions that have been reviewed and certified for accuracy by a pharmacist if
- Pharmacist absent because of unforeseen or unplanned circumstances during hours of prescription department
- Alternative pharmacist coverage cannot be obtained immediately
- Technician is accompanied by member of pharmacy management or administration and all other requirements regarding pharmacist absence fulfilled
What must occur for a tech to enter a pharmacy without a pharmacist present?
Pharmacy technician shall obtain verbal permission from PIC or another pharmacist regularly employed by the pharmacy to obtain emergency access to the pharmacy

Technician shall record entry and include the following information
- Date and time of entry
- Name and signature of pharmacy technician
- Name, title and signature of person accompanying technician
- Pharmacist's name granting permission and telephone number where pharmacist contacted
- Name of patient requested medication and nature of emergency
- List of all prescriptions retrieved
- Time of exit and resecuring prescription department
- Pharmacy technician must return the key and alarm access code and ensure that the pharmacy is secured
- PIC must change the alarm access code within 48 hours of such entry and shall document this information
- Records of this entry must be maintained for one year on the premises
When may a tech enter a pharmacy without a pharmacist present to deliver prescriptions awaiting delivery?
Pharmacy technicians may only gain access in emergency situations for prescriptions awaiting delivery
Prescriptions must have been approved and verified by a pharmacist
Must provide written procedures when emergency access requested
Prescriptions must be delivered with an appropriate method to ensure compliance with counseling requirements
Prescriptions awaiting delivery may be placed in a secure area outside of the prescription department so long as access restricted to pharmacy clerical personnel
What are the requirements for PICs in a hospital?
Establishing procedures for and assuring maintenance of the proper storage, security and dispensing of all drugs used throughout the hospital

Must maintain a policy and procedure for providing reviews of drug therapy to include at a minimum any irregularities in drug therapy, drug interactions, drug administration, or transcription errors
- Significant irregularities must be brought to attention of attending practitioner or other person with authority to correct problem

Must notify Board regarding the opening of a satellite pharmacy in same manner as opening of retail pharmacy
What may PICs authorized in a hospital?
Storage of SVI controlled substances outside the hospital area listed in 18 VAC 110-20-440

Non-pharmacy personnel to order and distribute these SVI items outside the pharmacy but must assure compliance with policy and procedure manual and adequate security

All medical gases except nitrous oxide may be stored in an unlocked area
What is required for monitoring floor stock of CII-V controlled substances?
In hospitals, controlled substances in SII-V may be maintained as floor stock because generally an onsite pharmacy ensures control of all stocks

PIC or designee must record all medications sent as floor stock in SII-V including
- Date, drug name, strength, quantity, hospital unit receiving drug and
- Signatures of dispensing pharmacist and receiving nurse
- Must maintain receipts in pharmacy for a period of two years or in offsite storage in a manner that is retrievable within 48 hours
What is required for disposition of floor stock & administration in a hospital?
Hospital units must record when floor stock used for administration to patient
- Unit must provide record to pharmacy within 3 months of issue

PIC must reconcile all records with delivery receipts
- Periodical audit returned administration records for completeness as to patient’s names, dose, date, and time of administration, signature or initials of person administering drug and date record is returned
- Verify that all additions to inventory recorded and deductions from inventory correctly calculated
- Verify doses documented in administration records reflected in medical record

PIC must initial or sign the returned record, file chronologically by date of issue and retain for two years from date of return in pharmacy or in off-site storage area readily retrievable
- Must be made available for inspection or audit within 48 hours of request
- All records of SII drugs must be maintained in a separate page on the schedules of drugs
What may a PIC do regarding after hours access to the hospital prescription department?
PIC may authorize a nurse to access the pharmacy in absence of a pharmacist to obtain emergency medications provided that such drug is available in the manufacturer’s original packing or in units prepared and labeled by a pharmacist

PIC must establish a separate record for the pharmacy and maintain records for a period of one year including
- Date of withdrawl
- Patient’s name
- Drug, strength, dosage form and dose prescribed
- Number of doses removed and
- Signature of authorized nurse
What may the PIC do regarding oversight of drugs in an emergency department in a hospital?
PIC responsible for control and supervision
- Must ensure security of drugs excluding unauthorized personnel and general public
- Oral orders for medications must be reduced to writing and signed by practitioner
- Medial practitioner may dispense rugs to patients if it is in a bona fide medical emergency or when pharmaceutical services not readily available and if permitted by hospital
- Drug and container must comply with requirements of VAC and Drug Control Act

PIC responsible for control and supervision
- Maintain a separate record for all drugs, including samples dispensed in the ER
- Records maintained for two years and must include
- Date and time dispensed
- Patient’s name
- Prescriber’s name
- Name of drug dispensed, strength, dosage form, quantity dispensed and dose
Explain the overview of Legal & Professional Conduct
Pharmacist disciplinary actions
- Taken by state boards of pharmacy
- Penalties include civil monetary penalties, public reprimands, suspension or revocation of license
May include one or all actions

Pharmacists subject to disciplinary actions have constitutional due process rights requiring a hearing and other administrative steps before action taken
- State Boards of Pharmacy establish due process rights, including hearings, etc
- Must ensure that notification is within the proper time frame

Disciplinary action in one state may result in revocation, suspension or other activity in another state
What are grounds for pharmacist discipline?
Pharmacists subjected to criminal trials in pharmacy or non-pharmacy related offenses may be subject to disciplinary grounds by Boards of Pharmacy prior to completion of other case against him or her

State Boards of Pharmacy might revoke or suspend a pharmacist’s license even if a criminal court did not find the pharmacist guilty of an offense

Board actions considered administrative in nature and may admit more evidence than criminal trials

Unprofessional conduct
- Most states list standards but often have a catch-all phrase for cases that do no fall squarely under the rules

Reasons of moral turpitude
- Crimes involving lack of honesty or moral judgment
- Often times when pharmacists rip off payers, this is how they will be charged!
What are impaired pharmacists programs?
Several programs exist on a state and national basis to assist pharmacists who abuse drugs or alcohol

APhA supports programs that rehabilitate pharmacists and pharmacy students and help them rebuild their lives and possibly renew their license

Some are forced scenarios where the pharmacist is given a hearing; others are voluntary
What are actions against a pharmacy permit?
If problem is against the owners or operators of the business not the pharmacist, Board will seek action against the pharmacy

In some cases, both the pharmacist license and pharmacy permit revoked

Depends upon the circumstances of the action and involvement of pharmacist
What are the requirements for pharmacist disciplinary action in Virginia?
Unprofessional conduct

Establishes that a pharmacist may be guilty of unprofessional conduct if he or she is
- Convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude or
Issues or published in any way statements about his professional service intended to deceive, defraud or are contrary to the public health and welfare
- NOT automatic grounds for revocation, suspension, or denial of issuance of license or permit
- Board of Pharmacy may use these factors in its determination of action to take

Board of Pharmacy actions to revoke, suspend or refuse to renew any license permit or registration if it finds
- Applicant has been negligent in the practice of pharmacy
- Has been guilty of unprofessional conduct
- Has become incompetent to practice pharmacy because of his physical or mental condition
- Uses drugs or alcohol to the extent that he is rendered unsafe to practice pharmacy

Board of Pharmacy actions to revoke, suspend or refuse to renew any license permit or registration if it finds
- Has engaged in or attempted any fraud or deceit upon a consumer, third-party payer (Medicare, Medicaid, private companies), any group access or sickness insurance policy or subscription contract providing coverage under a health services plan or any health care plan
- Has assisted or allowed unlicensed individual to engage in the practice of pharmacy
- Technicians?
More requirements for pharmacist disciplinary action?
Board of Pharmacy actions to revoke, suspend or refuse to renew any license permit or registration if it finds
- Has violated or cooperated with others in violating any provisions of law related to pharmacy practice or any Board regulation
- Has had federal registration to dispense controlled substances revoked or suspended
- Has been convicted of any federal drug law or any law in VA or of another state or has had license to practice suspended or revoked
- Has failed to comply with continuing education requirements
How may a license or registration be suspended in an emergency situation?
A license, certificate registration may be suspended without a hearing if the - Board finds that there is a substantial danger to the public health or safety
Board must meet to discuss proceedings
- May meet by telephone if other efforts for quorum failed

Institution of hearings must begin when individual notified of suspension
- Hearing must be scheduled within a reasonable time
How may Virginia suspend or revoke a license or registration?
License suspended,revoked in another jurisdiction

Conviction of a felony
Deemed incapacitated

No hearing required
- Director of the Board must notify the individual or his legal guardian, etc in writing
- Information must be from court or agency and be provided with documentation
- Person must seek to have license reinstated by the Board in VA

Pending the conviction, the suspension may be delayed if person’s services necessary for public health

Individual entitled to a hearing after 30 days from receipt of application to Board seeking reinstatement

May be represented by counsel and may summon witnesses

Reinstatement requires affirmative vote of 3/4 of the members of the Board at hearing
- Board sets terms for reinstatement
Eplain the three year minimum period for reinstatement after revocation.
Three years after revocation, the Board may consider the application for reinstatement
Requires payment of fees and all other procedures
3/4 of the members of the Board present at the meeting must approve reinstatement