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What is a mountain range?
A series of mountains that form a group
What are rapids?
places in rivers or strams where the water flows very quickly and roughly. The Fall Line of Virginia is a line of waterfalls and rapids.
What is a cape?
a point of land that projects noticeably into a lake, sea, or ocean. Capes can be formed by sand or rock.
What is a coastal plain?
an area of low land that borders a large body of water. In Virginia the coastal plain is called the Tidewater because tidal waters flow through it.
What is a continent?
a huge body of land on the earth's surface. There are seven continents.
What is a gap?
an opening through a chain of mountains. In Virginia, towns and cities grew up on roads leading to the major gaps. The Cumberland Gap is found in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
What is a gorge?
a deep, narrow valley that has steep, rocky walls.
What is a peninsula?
is a piece of land that has water nearly all the way around it. It is connected to the main part of the land.
What is a plateau?
a large, high, rather level piece of land that is raised above nearby areas.
What is a valley?
is a long, low lying place between hills or mountains. Valleys are areas in teh mountains where farming can be done. Virginia's valley land lies between the Blue Ridge and the Allegheny Mountains.
What is a wetland?
low, flat land where water is always close to the surface. This type of land is also called a swamp.
What is an island?
a body of land completely surrounded by water.
What is an ocean?
a large body of salt water. There are four oceans on the earth.
What is a swamp?
a low, wet, and where shrubs and trees grow. Water hardly ever drains away from a swamp. Swamps are usually found in lowland areas. The Dismal Swamp is located in Virginia.
What is a ridge?
a line of hills or mountains.
What is a canal?
an inland waterway built to carry water for navigation, irrigation, drainage, or power.
What is a bay?
a part of a sea or lake that stretches into the land.
What is a mountain?
A natural elevation of the earth's surface having considerable mass, generally steep sides, and a height greater than that of a hill.