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What virus causes Roseola?
Human Herpesvirus Type 6 or HHV type 7
2 other names for Roseola
exanthem subitum,
sixth disease
What is the peak age for Roseola?
6-15 months
How long does the fever in Roseola last?
3-5 d
What does a Roseola rash look like?
Small slightly raised pink lesions on the trunk with subsequent spread to the neck, face, and extremities
How long does a Roseola rash last?
1-3 days
How does Roseola from HHV7 differ from Roseola caused by HHV6?
Roseola caused by HHV 7 occurs in slightly older infants, is associated with a lower mean temperature, and has a shorter duration compared with disease caused by HHV 6.
Common complication of Roseola?
10-15 % have seizures