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how do yeasts and hyphae differ?
yeasts: unicellular, reproduce w/ budding/ fission
hyphae: multi-celled, sexual or asexual reproduction
what do dermatophytes affect?
stratum corneum & its appendages
multiple lesions on exposed areas
peripheral enlargement
central clearing
microsporum, trichophyton, epidermophyton
white scaly lesion on scalp
hair loss
tinea capitus
"bald patch child"
what causes tinea capitus?
trichophyton tonsurans in US
microsporum canis worldwide
what is the Tx of tinea capitus?
tender, boggy, draining, indurated mass on scalp
recent ringworm infection
hypersensitivity to fungal infection
give antifungals only
chest rash
sharply demarcated
present for weeks
pale macules, fine scaling
worse in summer
tinea versicolor
"funny tan"
what causes tinea versicolor?
malssezia furfur
what's the Tx for tinea versicolor?
scale removal, selenium sulfide, miconazole cream; fluconazole
what should be avoided with monilial diaper dermatitis?
fluorinated steroids
sharply defined white patch in mouth
erythematous base
oral candidiasis
erythematous, moist exudate in skin fold leads to subcorneal pustules, erosions, satellite papules
candida intertrigo
what are yeast infections of the following regions called: vaginal, perianal, nail bed
candidal balanitis
candida paronychia
bumps around eye
domed papules
slight umbilication
molluscum contagiosum
how does molluscum contagiosum infect?
autoinocuation = mode of spread
pox viral infection
predisposing: sports, eczema
painful bumps, pain precedes bumps
pustules, then scabs
herpes zoster/ shingles
how do you treat herpes zoster (shingles)?
antiviral 7-10 days
vaccine if >60 yo
what is herpes zoster reactivation at the nasociliary branch of the trigeminal?
herpes zoster ophthalmicus
what is Hutchinson sign?
zoster vesicles on tip of nose precede herpes zoster ophthalmicus
upper resp tract
Koplik spots - day 3
rash - day 4-5
mostly upper body
rubeola (measles)
which patient population is of particular concern with rubeola?
pregnant pts
small, fine round pink macules
face/ head then toward trunk
2-3 days then disappears
low fever, cough, lymphadenopathy
toga virus, URI, kids
german measles/ rubella
red macules on soft palate
forscheimer's spots of rubella
cardiac anomalies (PDA)
can't hear (deaf)
rubella Cx, especially in pregnant patients (to fetus)
what are blueberry muffin spots?
hematopoeitic cells of RUBELLA
high fever
rash on trunk
pink macules & papules, ring of pallor
child with cheeks that look "slapped"
erythema infectiosum/ fifth's ds/ parovirus b19
assoc w/ sickle cell aplastic crisis
fifth's ds