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Where would you expect to find the Epstien Barr virus?
in areas where standard of living and hygiene are poor
EBV is responsible for latent and active Herpes infections, what else is it responsible for?
Burkitts Lymphoma
What is Burkitts Lymphoma?
cancerous tumor of the jaw found in children in Africa
Infectious Mononucleosis is a pathology caused by what?
Map out the pathogenesis for mononucleosis:
EBV infection occurs in epithelial cells near salivary glands-> oral secretions->latent infection of B-cells->circulation->fever an fatigue->proliferation of suppressor t-cells->lymph node swelling->spleen
What are the S/S for infectious mononucleosis?
fever, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, fatigue
What is the vector and reservior for Yellow fever?
mosquitos and monkeys
Map out the pathogenesis for Yellow fever:
mosquito bite->absorption by lymphatic vessels->multiply in lymph nodes->blood stream->multiply in distant organs
What are the early S/S of yellow fever?
mild fever, weakness, headache
What are the late S/S in Yellow fever?
severe fever, chills, headache, significant liver damage, jaundice, and uncontrolled bleeding
What is a painful but rarely life-threatening viral disease of the cardiovascular system?
what is the vector for Dengue?
What are the S/S of Dengue?
moquito bite->2-7 days later->high fever and headaches->rash and severe limb pain(break bone fever)->false recovery->return of symptoms->recovery