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Influenza::____NA viruswith a capsid and an_________and contains 8 single strand segments of __NA,each wound helically and ass. with protein to form nucleocapsid.
Influenza::has ____ kinds of spikes
;;symtoms include __________to ______days,fever fatigue .scondary infections may occur.certain cases of type A influenza can be helped by ________________.this drug interferes with the uncoating in rep. cycle.
Influenza:::complications of flu include ______syndrome and ________syndrome.
Guillain Barre,,, Reyes
Adenoviruses ::::are a group of over 30 virues with ____stranded ___NA .These show _______(crystallike)::::Common cold)
Rhinovirus :over ________no. of types:::::these are ______stranded __NA and their family is _____________.spread hand to mouth
100,,single stranded,, RNA,,pico rna viradae
Herpes simplex:::has ____stranded __NA and granules known as ______bodies are seen in cell Nuke.
double,,DNA,,Lipshultz bodies
Herpes diseases include __________sores,,,_______(disease to newbornes),,,,___________a series of cold sores in throat ,,,__________a disease of the eye, and genital herpes that is estimated to affect between ____ and _____ million americans.
Cold sores,, neonatal herpes,,gingivostomatitis ,,,herpes keretitis 10 to 20 million
Chickenpox (varicella):::Is an________virus with _________it has _____stranded ___NA.
icosahedral,double, DNA
chicken pox::it is a ____virus(family),,they multiply in _____tissue and transmission is by_______droplets,incubation is ____weeks,,secondary inf. include_____syndrome as well as encephalitis and pneumonia.
subcutanous, airborne, 2,,reyes
Herpes zoster is caused by the same virus as __________-acyclovir helps
Measles( rubeola)::is ____stranded __NA and is a helical virus with an ____ and _____
single,,RNA envelope..spikes
the diagnostic spots of measles are called _____
Koplik spots
Rubella is also known as ______and is made of ___straned __NA it is icosahedral virion with envelope and spikes
german measles,single RNA
Warts are made by the __________virus and have icosahedral DNA and certain ones are ass. with cervical cancer
human papilloma virus
Infectious mono::: is a disease of the __cell lymphocytes runs its course in ___to ___weeks and is spread by ____ .observations of _____cells ______antibodies (antibodies that react with unrelated antigens)test performed by mixing blood with sheep or H red blood cells and looking for agglutination.
B-cell,,3 to 4 saliva heterophile
MONO is ___NA,herpes virus having _______symmetry
DNA icosahedral
Hepatitis A : can be ass. with shellfishThis is a ____straned __NA picrnaviridae ;characterized by ____urine, and_______.the incub. period is ___ weeks In those exposed it is possto prevent diseas by ________
single, RNA dark juandice immune globin within two weeks of inf.
Hepatitus B::: caused by ___NA virus