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Geneva Conference
divided Vietnam into two separate nations
Ngo Dinh Diem
Prime Minister in South Vietnam, non-communist, supported by US but not by own people; assasinated by US on Nov. 19, 1963
Viet Cong
South Vietnamese communists quickly gain support in the South after assasination of Diem
Gulf of Tonkin
Three US warships prepare to go into the Gulf. One has mechanical failure and the other two go in. Communication fails and only one boat comes back out, but all the crew from the other boat is on the remaining boat. There was apparently an attack
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
gave US President complete control over all actions in Vietnam
Tet Offenisve
January 30th, 1968 NV and US agree to an armistice for three days during Tet, the Vietnamese new year. US couldn't armisitce with Viet Cong b/c they didn't know who they were, and so they attacked. US citizens upset because now we're fighting North and South Vietnam
What did the soliders encounter?
1. Unknown enemy
2. New type of war: guerilla
3. Fighting the elements, aka jungle rot (meat cong)
Operation Ranchhands
Agent Orange and Napalm, used to burn vegetation
Agent Orange
Develped by Germans to use on Russia; US developed in VA Tech; tells plant to grow inside itself (reversed growing process) 8 oz kills an acre of forest land; US used 10 million gallons; kills major crops, and in doing so, kills humans, animals, and fish
Mix of vasoline and gasoline and has some other chemical that ignites when exposed to carbon; had to throw self in dirt to get rid of it
My Lai Massacre
Oh you know what this is with the villiage that has the Viet Cong people but all that are there are women and children and the marines line them up and kill them all because they won't say where the men are and it causes all these problems in the states
conscientious objectors
Opposed to fighting in the war on moral grounds
University of Michigan
location of first teach-in
University of California at Berkely
First blow of student revolution
Tim Leary
created LSD