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Those in favor of the war who did not protest against the fighting were also known as
The Vietnam War was considered to be a ____ type of war, since not everyone could afford to go to college
Working Class
This was a Sout Vietnamese opposition group that carried out thousands of assassinations of South Vienamese government officials
This Vietnamese anti-Communist declared himself the ruler of SOuth Vietnam and canceled the elections that were supposed to unify Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh
This was based on the idea that countries on the brink of communism were waiting to fall one after the other
Domino Theory
This temporarily divided Vietnam along the 17th parallel
Geneva Accord
As the U.S. commander in SOuth Vietnam, thisk general introduced the concept of the body count in the belief that as number of Vietcong casualties rose, the Vietcong would eventually surrender
General We Morelan
Conducted by U.S. soldiers, these resulted in the uprooting of Vietnamese vullagers with suspected ties to the Vietcong, the killing of livestock and the burning of villages
Seach and Destroy
Hundreds of thousands of Americn veterans of Vietnam claim to suffer from delayed reaction to their exposure to
Agent Orange
The American president who proposed the domino theory was
The main purpose of the War Powers Act was to
Restrict the powers of the president
Approximately how many Americans were killed in the Vietnam War
The Vietnam War was known as the _____ and some still consider it to not be a war, but a conflict, which lasted from 1955-1973
This murder of 100 innocent Vietnamese villagers by U.S. troops shocked Americans when it was revealed to the public
My Lai
In the early years of the war, a young man could be automatically deffered from the draft by doing what
Going to college, medical problem, homosexuality
Who served as the commander of the U.S. troops in Vietnam
General Wes Morelan
What authorized President Johnson to conduct the war in Vietnam
Golf of Tonkin Resolution
What was the United States main goal in Vietnam
Stop Communism
Which president asked Congress for the Tonkin Gulf Resolution
The main purpose of introducing the "body count" was to accomplish what
scare the Vietcong
Which nation did the U.S. aid in its efforts to control Vietnam
To expose Vietcong tunnels and hideouts, U.S. planes dropped this gasoline-based bomb that set fire to the jungles of Vietnam
Who won the 1968 presidential election
If one was a hippie and was against the fighting and killing of the war, they would be known as
a dove
What role did Bob Hope have in the War
What was the average age of a combat soldier in Vietnam
Who was known as the foot soldier
GI, Grunts
These were used to send U.S. troops to the battlefields
Hueys, Helicopters
When was it most dangerous for the American Soldiers
At night
What did President Johnson delclare after the Gulf of Tonkin Incident
He wouldn't run as president
The Vietnam War was known to be the _____ war, and turned Americans into critics of the War
living room