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With a song that is two minutes long how much can be used by a student without obtaining copyright permission?
12 seconds
With a movie that is 4 hours long, how much can be used by a student without obtaining copyright permission?
3 minutes
How many Norman Rockwell prints can a student use in one project without obtaining copyright permission?
up to 5
When using an Internet website, how much can a student use in the site if it contains 4000 words?
400 words
Define fair use and explain why its important to educators and learning facilities.
fair use-means by which educators of non-profit educational institutions may use copyrighted works without seeking permission or making payment to the author or publisher. It lets them use what they want without having to go through a long complicated process.
Define multi-media and give examples of it in this classroom?
multi-media-involves the integration of text, graphics, audio, and/or video into a computer-based environment

ex.editing bays, tvs, cameras, vcrs
Define copyright
copyright-the exclusive right of a creator to reproduce, prepare derivate works, distribute, perform, display, sell, lend, or rent their creations
How was Napster breaking copyrights?
the authors of the works didnt recieve any money
Can a inor obtain a cpopyright?
how can you get a copyright?
1.application form
2.$30 filling fee
3.2 copies of the work
name something that cannot be copyrighted
titles and names
define public domain
public domanin-property that is freely avaliable to the public
how long cana copyright be before it expires?
an authors lifetime then 70 years after his death
how much does it cost to gain a copyright?
if you file for a copyright on amovie or video, along with the paper work what must you submit?
2 copies of the work and $30
what part does the library of congress play in our copyrights?
it recieves and holds them all
who can file a copyright?
how much does it cost to find out if your invention is original?
about $30 an hour