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Is VGA an analog signal?
Is EGA an analog signal?
What is the smallest adressable point on a monitor?
What is the size of a pixel called?
dot pitch
Is SVGA digital?
What controls the direction of the electron beam in a CRT?
plates on the top, bottom, left and right.
True or false: The electron beam starts on the top line of the screen and moves left to right, then moves to the next line.
When hit, special p_______ on the back of the screen light up.. (on a CRT)
What controls which of three electron guns fire on a CRT?
control grid
f_______ at the back of a CRT shoot a beam of electrons.
As a general rule, match a low end video card to a ________ monitor.
As a general rule, match a high end video card to a _______________ monitor.
A monitor is advertised as 17 inch monitor with dimensions of 9.5 by 11.5. How is this possible?
17 inch is the measure of the diagonal screen surface. The diagonal of the lighted area might be 15 inches.
Which generally has less flicker: an interlaced CRT or a non-interlaced CRT?
an interlaced CRT
This type of CRT monitor refreshes odd numbered lines on the first pass and even numbered lines on the second pass.
an interlaced CRT
You press the power button on the monitor and no light turns on and nothing is on the scren. What is the first thing to check?
if the monitor is plugged in.
How do you check if a cable to the monitor is bad?
Replace the cable with a monitor cable that works. If the monitor starts working, the cable was bad.
A client says that his image is fuzzy. What is the first thing you ask him to do?
Some monitors have a switch on the back to select between 110 and ____ volts.