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What is an observation?
An observation is using one or more of your sences to gather information.
Don't use taste!
What is an infrence?
An infrence is an attempted explanation based on observation?
What are the five steps in the scientific meathod?
1. Ask a question
2. Form a hypothesis
3. Test hypothesis
4. Analyz results
5. Draw conclusion
1. Ask a question
What are the benifits of the metric system?
The benifits of using the metric system are that most places around the world use it.
China, Africa, Canada, United States, Alstralia
What are the metric pre fixes and what are there values?
Kilo=1000/ hecto=100/ deca=10/ Meter, Liter, Gram= 1/ deci=.1/ centi=.01/milli= .001
Meter, liter, Gram
How do you remember the order for the metric prfixes?
Kittens have drunk mustaches down by canta's mansion.
What are the steps for making a metric conversion?
To go up divide by ten.
To go down multiply by ten.
What is volume and what do you measure it in? List two ways to find Volume.
Volume is the amount of space something tkes up. It's measured in mL or cm3. You can multiply L*H*W or divid Mass by Density.
What is a meniscus and how does it relate to measuring a liquid?
The meniscus is the curved surface of a liquid. The meniscus is the true measuement of the liquid.
What is a regularly shapped object?
A regularly shpped object is an object with no curved or uneven surfaces; such as a square or rectangle.
) (
What is an irregularly shaped object?
An irregularly shaped object is an object that has curved or rounded surfaces; such as a cone or cylinder.
How do you measure and calculate an irregularly shaped object?
To measure an irregularly shaped object you fill a graduated cylinder with water to a certain point and then gentually slide the object into the water and record the difference in mL.
How do you measure and caculate the volume of a regualaryy shaped object.
Lenth times width times height or Mass divided my density.
What is Mass?
the amount of matter an object has
What are the units used to measure mass?
not kilograms
What is the tool used to measure mass?
A triple beam balance.
How would you find the mass of an object directally?
1.)The object is placed on the pan of the balence and the riders are moved into position on the beams until the pointer is balenced to the zero point. The mass determined by the beams is the mass of the object being measured.
How would you find the mass of a liquid in a container?
The mass of an empty cointaner is subtracted from the wait of the container and the liquid.
what is density?
Density isa measuement of how tightly packed molocules are in an object.
What units are used to measure density?
g/cm3 OR g/mL
What is the equation for calculating density?
what is the equation for calculating mass?
what is the equation for calcutlating volume?
what are the required elements of a graph?
Tital, two lables, units, even intervals, data points, lines