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State the type and identify the models of engines used in the F/A-18.
Low by-pass axial flow turbo fan with afterburner.
What are the 3 modes of operation for the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)?
A. Main engine start (mes)
B. Ground maintenance mode (gmm) Gives the A/C hydraulic and electrical power.
C. Environmental control systems (ecs) Brings air into the A/C.
State the purpose and identify the location of the In-Flight Refueling (IFR)probe.
Located on the right forward part of fuselage.
Allows A/C to take fuel from a tanker.
Electrically controlled (w/switch in cockpit),hydraulically operated.
Explain the purpose of the A/C Fuel Storage System?
The fuel system contains and supplies on board fuel to the A/C engines, auxiliary power unit, and to provide cooling for certain hydraulic and lubrication systems.
The F/A-18 can hold 3 drop tanks which carry 330 gallons each for a total of 2240 lbs. Has 4 interconnected fuselage bladder type tanks plus integral wing tanks.
Internal 10,200 lbs.
w/1 drop tanks 13,500 lbs.
w/2 drop tanks 15,000 lbs.
w/3 drop tanks 17,500 lbs.
What is the purpose of the foam-lined wing tanks?
The wing tanks have sealed channels and suppression foam blocks inside the wings, to prevent an explosion atmosphere in case of battle damage/accidental damage (rupture). The integral tanks are in an area inside each wing and contain foam throughout for accidental/fire reasons. The external tanks are mounted on pylons located on stations 3,5,7.