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What is the difference between a barometric and radar altimeter?
Gives A/C altitude by sensing the difference in air pressure as the A/C changes altitude. Altitude info is mean sea level (msl).
Radar altimeter
Gives A/C altitude by transmitting a signal and bouncing it off the surface of the earth and receiving the same signal back. The greater the time required the higher the A/C's relative altitude. The max. altitude displayed is 500 feet above ground level.
What is azimuth?
angle of position of bearing.
What is bearing?
angle of position of object.
What is range?
Distance to the target or station.
What is heading?
The direction you are pointing.
What is True heading?
Direction measured by true north.
What is Magnetic direction?
Direction based on the 360-azimuth circle going counter clockwise (with the 0/360-azimuth radial aligned with magnetic north).
What is Relative direction?
Uses the current direction that an object is facing as the 0/360-azimuth alignment.