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Chriropractic Therapy
Subluxated or fixated vertebrae are identified andthrough hands-on adjustments, usually low-force, the problem is alleviated.
Examples of when it is used:
1. Back pain
2. Lameness
3. Degenerative Arthritis
4. Muscle spasms
Who can perform chiropractic therapy?
Certified verterinarians and chiropractors who have recieved training and passed a written and practical exam given by thr American Veterinary Chiropractis Association. (Recertification is by completing at least 30 hours of training every three years.)
Developed in China 3,500 years ago.
Purpose of veterinary acupuncture is to strengthen the body's immune system, relieve pain, and stimulate the body's adaptive homeostatic mechanism
Where are acupuncture points located?
Along channels of energy flow called meridans. Long needles are placed into these points, re-establishing the flow of energy that was blocked by the disease.
When can veterinarians become licensed animal acupuncturists?
After training and taking an exam
A leading research centre on acupuncture.
Colorado State University's College of Veterinary Medecine
Technique uses a low-level laser beam for treatment; studies show that low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has analgesic, vasodilatory, and anti-inflammatory properties; can be used non-invasively on acupunture points with the same results
Based on the principles that "like cures like." EX: large dose of toxic substance can kill, but diluted low doses of same substance can save the poisoned animal
Homeopathic remedies are made from:
Plants, Minerals, Drugs, Viruses, Bacteria
Rememdies to not mask or supress symptoms, they are to treat the illness.
Homeopathic labeling:
have numeric and alphabetic coding: EX: 3C, 6X, 1M
Numeric indicates the number of times teh drug was vigorously shaken between dilutions. letter equals number of dilutions
can be a liquid (water or alcohol) or powdered lactose (milk sugar)
The more dilute the remedy, the more potent it becomes!
Homeopathy examples
Heckla lava - used to combat navicular disease, ringbone, and other painful problems associated with horses that were used on paved surfaces
Animal response to homeotherapy
Cats and dogs work, but horses are more responsive
Massage therapy
technique in which the practitioner uses hands and body to manipulate soft tissue, thereby positively affecting the health and well being of the animal
Qualifications of Massage Therapy
Should be performed by a graduate of an accredited massage school; work should be done under the referral of a veterinarian; some states have specific education requirements before licensing
Daily Health Massage
Begin by gently stroking the ears; then stroke from head to tail
Spinal massages
gently massaging the muscles along the pine to relieve tension and increase blood flow to arthriti areas
Anti-anxiety massage
massaging the acupuncture point on the head (point GV20) to relieve anxiety and agressiveness in cats
using herbs for medecinal purposes has been practised for thousands of years worldwide. Plants are known for tehir healing effect on animals both physically and emotionally; manufacturing of herbalmedecines are not regulated by the FDA
Herbs are used to cure or treat the following:
Coughing, stimulate the immune system, stomach ulcers and colic, respiratory ailments, parasitism, emotional stresses
Bach flowers
flowers essences developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a physician in England; developed 38 flower remedies that influence an animal's emotional state EX: Rescue rememdy
Coenzyme Q10
aka ubiquinone, esential for energy production at the cellular level and as an antioxidant; tissue level decrease with age, especially in teh ehart, kidneys, and liver; supplementation increases the energy and exercise tolerance in older animals; nutramax produces it
has been used as a food flavouring, blood purifer, antibiotic, and antiparisitic drug; contains natural coumarin, an anticoagulant that decreases platelet agression and thus increases the risk of bleeding
An all-natural steroidal supplement. Its therapeutic components include saponis which are anti-inflammatory; used in pain management, particularly for athritis
Herbs for Horses!
May be useful in treating various conditions, the AHSA bans the use of herbal rememdies in all competitions sanctioned by them
Valerian root
has a claming effect on horses; usually fed in powder form in the horse's grain
Red raspberry leaves
herb is used to help mares in estrus (heat) to help the mare maintain a pleasant disposition
Herbs: Caution!
'Alternative' and 'herbal' do not mean 'harmless!' Many supplements can potentially cause severe side effect, or result in cross reactions if used with other supplements or medications.
Examples of herb caution!
Garlic at high doses can cause anemia in cats, can alos increase bleeding tendencies, should not be given to animals about to undergo surgery;
Echinacea should not be used in pets with immune system disorders such as lymphoma, autoimmune disease, or suppressed immune systems, including cats affected with FIV or FeLV
Orthomolecular Medecines
These are food supplements that are thought to imporve functiona nd structure of bones and joints; includes MSM, chondroiton, glucosamine
MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane)
naturally occuring sulfur compound. Cooking destroys sulfur which means that any pelleted feeds are affected. Shelf life of suplhur is relatively short; needed to maintain healthy joints, skin and hooves or horses; athritic horses usually show the greatest improvement on MSM. It also reduces scar formation; new research indicated that MSM may be useful in treating gastro-intestinal ulcers, coats the lining of the GI tract and protects teh tissues, allowing them to heal; no known side effects
Most popular feed additives for horses; made from animal cartilage (available in liquid or powder form); used to synthesize glycosaminoglycans, a building block for making cartilage; it also has an important role in neutralizing destructive enzymes found in joints that lead to degenerative joint disease
synthesized by the body frm glucose and is used to repair cartiledge; required by chondrocytes to form new cartiledge