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Give a few examples of goals that should be set when planning the success of the vet clinic
facilities: estimates
personell: hire,train
equipment: budget
What are the two main areas of planning?
Setting goals
strategic planning
What is a strategic plan?
used to set goals and objectives and timelines
What does SMART stand for when referring to goals?
Time Appropriate
What four factors fall under control of the veterinary hospital when trying to manage revenue?
lost or stolen money
Who are vendors?
provide products to veterinary hospitals and other businesses; sales people
Describe the inventory cycle
inventory is taken
orders are placed
orders/invoices are received
payments are made
List a few responsibilities of the inventory manager
stock management
What type of qualities does an inventory manager need to be successful?
good shopper
What is a purchase order
it traces inventory, invoices are paid
List three factors to control the timing of orders
time needed for delivery
rate of inventory
safety stock level
What are the pros and cons to campaign advertising?
cons-doctors and techs get sucked in, glitzy marketing campaigns
pros-new items, purchase protocols
What is an example of a special situation where the vendor might meet with someone other than the purchase manager?
vet supplies
What is the difference between manufacturers, wholesale, and retail?
manufacturers:take raw materials and turn them into a product
wholesale:consists of the sale of goods/merchandise to retailers, to industrial, commercial, institutional, or other professional business users
retail:sale good from a fixed location
List three different types of veterinary practice software
DVM Manager software
What are the pros and cons of using computerized medicine?
pros- easy to use, accessible to all, less paperwork
cons-may lose items if computers breakdown
List three pieces of equipment that make up the hardware of the computer system
External/internal backup drives
What are 5 items included in the software package?
appointment scheduling
marketing projects
general practice management
medical records
What does a treatment lost include?
automatic reminders
automatic inventory tracking
statistic reports
List one benefit to the computerized appointment calendar
quickly transfer appointments
What does SOAP stand for?
What does a disorganized hospital portray to its client?
a sign to the clients of poorly trained hospital staff and inefficient medical care
List two characteristics of a good waiting area
floors swept
windows clean
orderly counters and shelves
List two characteristics of professional staff
uniforms matching
neat and clean appearance
List the three kinds of clients
enthusiastic that refer friends
What is one thing you should do when a client is leaving the hospital after their visit?
welcome to town
need anything else?
business card
polite closing
In what way does a client perceive a vet tech as opposed to the vet?
less intimidating than vet
Managers provide what to the client?
Provide client comfort
List at least three "points to remember" as mentioned in the first impressions lecture
- greet by name and introduce by name
-show care by patting and talking to pet
-remain positive after negative situation
How should you train your receptionist?
-set aside time to train
-assign a person to new member
-handbook or training packet
What does AAHA stand for?
American Animal Hospital Association
What types of training devices can you use to train your staff?
books and videos
continuing education
seminars, conferences
typing classes
What are three steps for successful communication?
assessing needs
understanding situation
What are fours steps to reach empathy?
What are the "no-nos" when talking on the phone at the clinic?
don't put on hold
don't say: no, hold on a sec, i don't know
What are some examples of how opinions of companion animals have changed?
not just outside, part of family
cats were expected to hunt pests, now mostly indoor; dogs expected to work more, now companion animals
List three types of service animals
seeing eye
hearing ear
seizure alert
How much money was spent on pets in the year 2005?
$35.9 billion
What are some contributing factors to this increase of pet spending?
baby boomers
young professionals
increased pet ownership
mobile society
What percentage of vets now seek referrals to specialists?
What is compliance?
clients doing what the vet recommends them to do
List three examples of pre-surgical compliance
current with vax
proper check-ups
pre-surgical tests to be run
List six examples of client education
bulletin boards
What should a hospitals website include?
access to health issues
make easy to navigate
change and update often
How can you deal with a difficult client?
stay professional, dont take anything personal, dont sound condescending, listen to what they say, keep client informed
Define the human animal bond
originates from human necessity
What does euthanasia mean?
the act of killing an animal in a humane manner; easy and painless death
List the three types of euthanasia agents
physical means
List the four losses of physiologic function in euthanasia
rapid loss of consciousness, loss of motor function, arrest of respiratory/cardiac function, permanent loss of brain function
List one physical method of euthanasia
cervical dislocation, decapitation, microwave irradiation, thoracic compression
What is bargaining when dealing with grief?
promise to do something else if the animal comes back
How do employees deal with euthanasia?
emotional uneasiness, avoid unneccesary contact, have good communication skills
What are accounts receivable?
identifies client, tracks money owed, adds interest
How should you deal with a payment policy?
sign at reception desk, should be visible
What are some steps to collecting debt?
call, letter from manager or vet, send notices, collection agencies, ask for in full
What is the difference between direct and indirect marketing?
Direct: yellow page listing, newsletter
Indirect: cleanliness of hospital, friendliness of staff
List some good ways to market your clinic
direct mail
yellow pages
world wide web
What is a budget?
The amount of money a business has available to spend
Why should a clinic perform a budget deviation analysis?
helps the business by lowering costs and increasing profits
What are the most common types of payment accepted at vet clinics?
currency, money order, checks, credit, debit, care credit, charge, barter, insurance
What are the three different types of checks?
What are the pros and cons for using debit and credit cards?
pros- easy to use, replaces checks, very popular
cons- hospital has to pay fee per transaction
List the three types of pet insurance mentioned in lecture
PetCare, Pets Best Insurance, VPI Pet Insurance
What can be done during "down time"?
daily maintenance log, cleaning, restocking, inspection of equipment/supplies
What are some things that you could do in a staff meeting?
good communication, change in protocols, new equipment, new inventory
How can you successfully schedule a large facility?
24 hours of coverage, shift changes,communication, avoid being understaffed, have people on call, cross training
How can you be productive on a slow day?
cleaning, stocking, giving patients extra care
What is the definition of job stress?
harmful, physical, and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities, resources or needs of the worker
What are some causes of job stress?
design of tasks, management styles, interpersonal relations, work roles, career concerns, environmental conditions
List four symptoms of stress
intellectual, physical, emotional, behavioral
Burnout can be caused by prolonged response to what?
prolonged response to chronic emotional and interpersonal stressors on the job
A practice should have what two things to help protect from malpractice?
a good lawyer, good insurance
What is a tort action?
golden rule of laws, treat people how you want to be treated
What is the practice act?
answers questions about the health of animals and treatments, controls what practitioners can do
What percentage of practices are sued?
What is the T-Bo Act?
authorized the recovery of non-economic damages and emotional distress
Which state is the only state that has the T-Bo Act?
What is the AVMAs position on malpractice?
believes that vets will be weighed down by constant non-economical damages and may force some vets to stop practicing
Define the code of ethics
communication, general guide, standards of acceptable conduct, uphold laws and regulations, ethical standards
What are some things that could happen if you do not get permission from the owner
could be sued
Who is the FDA?
Food and Drug Administration
Why are handouts important in protecting a clinic?
provides general care and maintenance guides to clients, clients will not be misinformed this way
What should labels on drugs include?
generic name, dosage, quantity, instruments, refills, date, owners name, doctors name, species of animal, hospital name and address
What does OSHA stand for?
Occupational Safety and Heath Administration
What is the general duty clause?
states that employer must have furnished area that is free of hazards, have to set standards as effective as federal standards
List four areas of OSHA standards
general industry, construction, maritime, agriculture
What are the three steps to informing employees of hazards?
chemical evaluation, convey information, employer responsibility
What are biological agents?
microorganisms, adversely affect human health, found in environment
What are the 6 agents identified by the CDC as most likely to be used as biological weapons?
smallpox, anthrax, plague, botulism, tularemia, hemorrhagic fever viruses
Describe the whistle blower program
act that provide rights and representatives for the employee
What are some rights of every employee for safety?
view of safety reports, work in a safe environment, know what is going on, report what happens
How do you file an OSHA complaint?
Contact OSHA as soon as possible, file within legal time, telephone, fax, mail
When was OSHA started?